Stella Tips Norris for World Championship with One Condition

Andrea Stella, the team boss of McLaren, expressed satisfaction with the team’s performance in the last season, praising drivers Oscar and Lando Norris, and comparing the latter’s potential to that of Fernando Alonso, Max Verstappen, and Norris himself.


‣ Andrea Stella, the team boss of McLaren, expressed satisfaction and pride over the team’s performance in the last season, which included a fourth place in the constructors’ championship, nine podiums, and a sprint win.
‣ Stella praised both of his drivers, Oscar and Lando, for their talent, intelligence, and potential. He believes that if given a good car, Lando could fight for the championship.
‣ According to Stella, Fernando Alonso is the most complete driver, with no apparent weaknesses. He sees similar qualities in Oscar and believes Lando could become as complete as Fernando through his development.
‣ Stella’s top three drivers, if all were driving the same car, would be Max Verstappen, Lando Norris, and Fernando Alonso.

Andrea Stella, he’s got a lot to be proud of. Fourth place in the constructors’ championship isn’t something to sneeze at. The season started off rocky in Bahrain, with a DNF and a 17th place finish. But, they ended on a high note in Abu Dhabi, securing a fourth and sixth place.

Add to that, nine podiums and a sprint win. Things are looking up for the Woking-based team. So, what’s the word from team boss Andrea Stella about last season?

“For us, for McLaren, it’s been a positive season,” Stella shared with DAZN. He’s Italian, by the way. “Very exhausting, and we feel the fatigue, but at the same time we have beautiful feelings plus satisfaction for the results we have achieved. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved.”

And the good results aren’t just making Stella happy. CEO Zak Brown’s pretty chuffed too. “Ideally, I like to see Zak Brown be in the garage as much as possible,” Stella said, a hint of a joke in his voice. He went on, “After all, when there are good results, he gives really loud high-fives. So we like to see that happen in the garage. That means very good things are happening.”

Norris ahead of world champion

McLaren’s had a good year, with two drivers taking the team to new heights. So, what’s it like for the team boss to have two such drivers? “Oscar is very talented and intelligent. His mental capacity is very high. He has very interesting characteristics and he is just very calm,” Stella said about the young Australian.

“Lando is already one of the best drivers on the grid. He’s very fast, very good in the race, with tyre management for example. When I think about Lando, I think if the team and I gave him a good car, he would be able to fight for the championship,” Andrea Stella said.

Top three drivers

“If we talk about the most complete driver, I definitely think of Fernando Alonso. He doesn’t really have any weaknesses. I think that makes him unique. He’s not the best in many things, but he’s very strong in everything. I think I see in Oscar his powerful spirit. He’s absolutely like Fernando. He can do mathematical calculations while driving.”

Lando, according to the team boss, is currently closest to the top. “On the other hand, I think Lando will become as complete as Fernando through his development as a driver. My top three drivers, imagine everyone driving the same car, are Max Verstappen, Lando Norris and Fernando Alonso.”

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