Stephanie Carlin Moves from F3 to F1 with McLaren

Stephanie Carlin, formerly of F3 and F1 Academy team Rodin Carlin, has been appointed as the new F1 Business Operations Director at McLaren.


‣ McLaren has appointed a new ‘F1 Business Operations Director’, Stephanie Carlin.
‣ Stephanie Carlin was previously the team boss at F3 and F1 Academy team Rodin Carlin.
‣ Stephanie Carlin will join McLaren in January 2024.
‣ Rodin Carlin’s team confirmed Carlin’s move to McLaren and expressed their pride and support for her new role.

McLaren’s got a new face on board. Meet Stephanie Carlin, their new ‘F1 Business Operations Director’.

She’s not new to the game though. Carlin’s coming straight from F3 and F1 Academy team Rodin Carlin. Yep, she was the team boss there.

The announcement came from the McLaren team themselves. They seemed pretty chuffed about it, saying, “We’re pleased to confirm the recruitment of Stephanie Carlin as F1 Business Operations Director.”

And when’s she starting, you ask? January 2024. That’s right, she’ll be kicking off the New Year with a bang at McLaren. She’s got quite the resume too, having been Team Principal of their F3 and F1 Academy Teams, and Team Principal of Team X44 in Extreme E.

But what about Rodin Carlin, her old team? They confirmed Carlin’s move to McLaren. They’re understandably a bit sad to see her go, but they’re also super proud. They said, “Stephanie’s a leading woman in motorsport & while we are all understandably sad to see her leave, we are so proud of her & can’t wait to see her smash it in her new role.”

And smash it, we’re sure she will. After all, she’s a leading woman in motorsport. She’ll be leaving Rodin Carlin next month to take on her new role.

So, here’s to Stephanie Carlin. Can’t wait to see what she’ll bring to McLaren.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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