Stricter Weight Rules Imposed on Red Bull, Other F1 Teams

The FIA plans to introduce new regulations in 2026 that will enforce a weight reduction in F1 cars, with no concessions or adjustments allowed for teams that fail to meet the limit.


‣ The FIA is planning to implement new regulations in 2026 that will prevent teams from making adjustments to the minimum weight of their cars.
‣ In the 2022 F1 season, many teams did not meet the minimum weight requirement, leading to the FIA raising the minimum weight to compensate.
‣ Red Bull Racing, which was well above the minimum weight in 2022, benefited from this adjustment.
‣ The new regulations for 2026 aim to reduce the weight of the cars by around 40 to 50 kilos, with no concessions to be made after early 2026. Teams will have to work harder to reduce the weight if they can’t meet the limit.

The FIA’s got a new game plan for 2026. No more adjustments for teams. Remember the 2022 regulations? The whole fuss about the minimum weight? Nikolas Tombazis says that’s history.

2022’s F1 season stirred up quite a debate. The topic? F1 car weights. Year after year, these speed machines were packing on the pounds. Yet, they still couldn’t hit the minimum weight. Funny, right? Only Alfa Romeo managed to meet the mark. The rest? Not even close. So, what did they do? They bumped up the minimum weight just before the season kicked off.

Who cashed in on this? Red Bull Racing, for one. Max Verstappen‘s crew was way over the minimum. They had to shed a ton of weight in 2022 to get anywhere near that limit. But hey, it didn’t slow down the RB18. Verstappen and Red Bull Racing snagged the world championship well before the season’s final race.

Red Bull’s free ride ends soon

The FIA’s got new rules coming in 2026. And guess what’s on the agenda? A big fat weight reduction. Drivers and fans alike have been grumbling about the cars getting heavier and harder to handle. The new rules aim to fix that. We’re talking a drop of 40 to 50 kilos. And no more bending the rules come early 2026.

The teams? They’ll have to step up their game. If they can’t make the weight, they’ll have to push harder. The 2026 weight limit is set in stone. No changes, says the Single-Seaters president at the FIA to

Tombazis and his crew are determined to stop teams from piling on points at the start of 2026 that make the car heavier. Remember 2022? Teams were adding all sorts of mandatory parts to the cars. That excuse won’t fly in 2026.

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