Surprising Fastest Names in Speed Trap Revealed

Max Verstappen has a significant advantage at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, leading in both qualifying and race pace without compromising top speed, while his competitors, including Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton, face challenges.


‣ Max Verstappen has a significant advantage at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, showcasing the fastest lap in Jeddah without compromising top speed, unlike his competitors.

‣ Red Bull Racing has constructed the best car for the 2024 season, with the RB20 excelling in both race pace and qualifying, allowing Verstappen to secure pole position by a notable margin.

‣ Verstappen’s key advantage lies in his ability to maintain high top speeds without compromise, outpacing all but the Haas drivers in the Speed Trap, positioning him as the fastest at the front of the field.

‣ Despite top speed not directly correlating to race pace, Verstappen demonstrated superior long run pace on the medium tyre during the second free practice, indicating a strong performance for the upcoming race.

Max Verstappen is on fire, it seems. He’s got this edge for the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix that’s hard to ignore. Zooming through Jeddah, he clocked the fastest lap. And get this, he didn’t even have to push his top speed to the max. The others? Well, they’re not in the same boat.

2023 was a good year for Red Bull Racing, right? Guess what, 2024 is shaping up to be even better. At least that’s how it looks at the season’s start. Their RB20? It’s a beast. Not just in the races but in qualifying too. Verstappen snagged the pole position for the Saudi Arabia GP, leaving Charles Leclerc eating his dust by three tenths.

### A key weapon for Verstappen
Here’s the kicker: Verstappen didn’t even need to max out his speed to lap that fast. Only the Haas drivers had him beat in the Speed Trap. Nico Hulkenberg, in particular, got a nice tow from his teammate but then hit a snag later on. But since Haas isn’t exactly leading the pack, Verstappen’s got the fastest car where it counts—at the front.

Lewis Hamilton? He’s the one trailing closest behind Verstappen. But, man, he’s not feeling great about his W15. That’s landed him in P8 to start. And Charles Leclerc? He’s struggling to keep up with Verstappen on the straights, starting from P2. But, you know, top speed doesn’t tell the whole story about race pace.

But here’s the thing: Verstappen’s race pace looked mighty fine during Thursday’s second free practice. On the medium tyre—which everyone’s eyeing for the start—he showed some seriously impressive long run pace.

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