Swiss Team’s Reaction to Pending Legal Battle Over Stake

Sauber’s new team name, Stake F1, has attracted attention and controversy, including an investigation by Switzerland’s gaming supervisory commission for potentially violating the country’s ban on gambling advertising, with the team facing a possible fine but insisting on their compliance with all laws.


‣ Sauber’s new team name, Stake F1, has garnered attention and controversy, with some fans opposing the use of a gambling sponsor’s name in the team’s title.

‣ The team faces legal challenges in Switzerland, where advertising gambling is prohibited, and the Eidgenössische Spielbankenkommission (gaming supervisory commission) has taken action against the team for allegedly violating this ban.

‣ Sauber could face a fine of 500,000 Swiss francs if found to be ignoring local laws regarding gambling advertisement, despite the team’s representatives claiming adherence to all applicable laws.

‣ The team’s response to inquiries about the legal issues emphasizes their commitment to compliance with Swiss laws and those of other countries they race in, indicating they are not worried about the investigation.

Oh, the drama that unfolded with the new team name, Stake F1! Sauber really stirred the pot this winter. Not everyone was cheering, though. Some fans just couldn’t vibe with the “Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber” moniker. And, oh boy, did things get complicated fast.

Right off the bat, it was clear. The team couldn’t flaunt their sponsor’s name, Stake, in every Formula 1 pitstop around the globe. Even in Switzerland, their home turf, there was a snag. Despite this, the team assured GPblog they were playing by the rules in their own backyard.

But here’s the twist. Switzerland’s gaming watchdog, the Eidgenössische Spielbankenkommission, wasn’t having any of it. They dropped a bombshell: advertising gambling? A big no-no in the Swiss lands. And Stake F1? Apparently, they were crossing the line. This included everything from their website to the team’s gear and even their social media presence.

Stake, caught off guard?

If Sauber thought they could skate by, the commission had other plans. A hefty fine was on the table – 500,000 Swiss francs, to be exact. That’s a lot of cheese! Alessandro Alluni Bravi, a team spokesperson, was all, “We’re good citizens, promise!” He insisted they were on top of the law, Switzerland included.

GPblog wanted more tea. They reached out, and the team was like, “Alessandro nailed it. We’re rule followers, through and through. Whether it’s in Switzerland or anywhere else we race.” They seemed pretty chill, confident they were in the clear.

So, there you have it. A tale of names, rules, and the quest to stay on the right side of the law. Will Stake F1 navigate through this storm? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: it’s never dull in the world of Formula 1.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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