Teams Decide on De Vries & Buemi Update

Due to a scheduling conflict between the World Endurance Championship’s 6 Hours of Spa and a Formula E race in Berlin, drivers competing in both series had to choose which event to participate in, and a vote among Formula E teams to allow participation in both events failed because it did not receive unanimous approval.


‣ Drivers in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) often also compete in Formula E, but scheduling conflicts this year force some to choose between racing in the WEC 6 Hours of Spa or the Formula E race in Berlin on the same day.

‣ Attempts to move one of the conflicting events to avoid scheduling clashes proved impossible, leading to a situation where drivers like Jean-Éric Vergne and Stoffel Vandoorne have chosen to participate in the Formula E race over the WEC event.

‣ A unique ballot among Formula E teams was proposed to allow drivers competing in the WEC race on Saturday to also participate in the Formula E race in Berlin on Sunday, requiring a unanimous ‘yes’ vote for approval.

‣ At least one Formula E team voted against allowing drivers to participate in both events, meaning drivers like Nyck de Vries, Sebastien Buemi, and Robin Frijns cannot race in both the WEC event at Spa and the second Formula E race in Berlin.

In the high-octane world of Formula 1, there’s a golden rule. The 20 drivers stick to this championship like glue, showing up at every Grand Prix without fail. Well, unless they’re nursing a broken bone or battling the flu. But here’s the twist: in other racing classes, the plot thickens. Picture this: drivers in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) often moonlight in Formula E. Normally, this double-dipping is no biggie since their races don’t clash. But, oh boy, this year’s a different kettle of fish.

Imagine the drama when the 6 Hours of Spa (a big deal in the WEC) is penciled in at the same time as a Formula E street race in Berlin. Talk about a scheduling nightmare. For ages, the bigwigs tried to wiggle out of this pickle by shifting dates around. But, no dice. So, drivers juggling both WEC and Formula E gigs are in a pickle. On 11 May, it’s decision time: Spa or Berlin?

Jean-Éric Vergne and Stoffel Vandoorne didn’t dilly-dally. They’ve thrown their lot in with Formula E, racing for DS Penske. Meanwhile, Nyck de Vries, Sebastien Buemi, and Robin Frijns are zipping over to Belgium for the endurance challenge. And Edoardo Mortara? He’s still on the fence. But here’s a juicy bit: Berlin’s not just hosting a single Formula E race on 11 May. There’s another one the very next day. So, in a perfect world, drivers could burn rubber in Spa on Saturday and zip through Berlin’s streets on Sunday.

But here’s the rub: Formula E considers the Berlin weekend a single event. That means if you’re in for a penny, you’re in for a pound. Race on Saturday, and you’re expected to show up on Sunday too. Yet, hope springs eternal. A vote among the teams could let drivers do the Saturday-Sunday split. But it’s a tough crowd. Only a unanimous ‘yes’ will let De Vries, Frijns, and Buemi double-dip. Everyone’s holding their breath for the vote result.

**Updated 5:00 PM**

The latest scoop from throws a spanner in the works. At least one team’s playing the spoiler, voting ‘no’ to the Saturday-Sunday hustle for drivers doing the WEC-Formula E double. Since they needed a full house of ‘yes’ votes, it’s a no-go for De Vries, Buemi, Frijns, and Müller. Looks like they can’t have their cake and eat it too.

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