The Ferrari Review: Leclerc & Sainz Shine

Ferrari’s sporting director feels mixed emotions following a season where the team’s performance varied between a race win and low competitiveness, with a combination of good performances and letdowns from the drivers and the car.


‣ Ferrari’s season has been inconsistent, with a win in Singapore but many races without competitiveness
‣ Ferrari’s sporting director shares Tifosi’s mixed feelings and the team’s desire to win the championship
‣ There were some good performances and positive execution and management of the races by Ferrari, but it’s still a mixed feeling
‣ The Ferrari drivers are commended for being super-fast and fantastic, but it’s acknowledged that the car has not been as desired

As this season comes to a close, Ferrari has experienced both triumphs and tribulations. While there was a solid win in Singapore, a series of races saw the team unable to remain competitive enough to secure a podium finish. Further disappointment occurred when Charles Leclerc unfortunately crashed out during the Brazilian Grand Prix, due to a hydraulic issue, early on during the warm-up lap.

Sporting director Diogo Ioverno, expressing a mix of emotions similar to that of the Tifosi, acknowledged, “Obviously, in our DNA there is the need to win. So we are here to try to win the championship. Obviously, we didn’t succeed. So we cannot be positive overall.” In reflecting on the performances throughout the season, Ioverno observed, “Sometimes we showed good performance… It is a mixed bag.”

Despite these challenges, Ferrari’s drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, have not left a dissatisfactory mark. Ioverno commended, “Yeah, I think you cannot complain about our drivers… It’s really up to us to give them the right car and to execute with them the races and we could get to wherever we need to go.” Moreover, Ferrari team boss Fred Vasseur, in his first season, has continued to demonstrate his competence, with Ioverno noting, “He is a very direct guy… It’s quite easy to work with him… He knows the business, knows motorsport. He knows Formula 1.”

As the season nears its end, Ferrari must continue to grow and overcome these obstacles, with both drivers and team leadership holding promise for the future.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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