The Rise to Fame of Horner: Everyone Wanted a Selfie with My Wife

The Netflix series Drive to Survive has made Formula 1 and its personalities, such as Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner, much more recognizable to the general public, especially in the United States.


– Drive to Survive has popularized Formula 1 in the United States
– Christian Horner has become more famous due to the show
– The show has made celebrities out of more drivers and team owners
– The popularity of Drive to Survive has increased recognition for those featured on the show

The popular Netflix series, Drive to Survive, has succeeded in bringing a new level of popularity to the world of Formula 1, particularly in the United States. In fact, team principal of Red Bull Racing, Christian Horner, has acknowledged a significant change in how he is perceived, due to the exposure from the show, which previously was not the case.

Being married to former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell, has effectively put Horner in the spotlight as people began recognizing him more readily. According to the Red Bull Boss, “Now they go, ‘Hey, you’re the dude from Drive to Survive!”, revealing how the series has impacted the public recognition of Horner. The renowned series also highlights a shift in the general public’s perception of other F1 celebrities, such as drivers and team owners, bringing them to the forefront in ways not previously seen.

The international hit show, which has garnered great acclaim even among those unfamiliar with F1, has had a profound effect on the celebrity status of many drivers and team principals. For instance, it has brought interaction with fans to a new level for some, like the extremely popular Daniel Ricciardo, as well as shining a light on team boss Guenther Steiner, who has also become one of the show’s major attractions. The phenomenon of Drive to Survive clearly has undoubted ability to influence and shape public awareness of the remarkable personalities of Formula 1.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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