Thousands Affected by Belgian Grand Prix Hack

Hackers sent fake emails to former visitors of the Grand Prix in Belgium, claiming to offer a 50 euro gift voucher from Spa Grand Prix, following a website hack that compromised customer email addresses, leading the race organisers to warn recipients against clicking on any links and advising caution with personal details.


‣ Hackers sent fake emails to former visitors of the Grand Prix in Belgium, pretending to be from Spa Grand Prix organisers and offering a €50 gift voucher.

‣ The Spa Grand Prix’s website was compromised, leading to the theft of an unknown number of customer email addresses, which was not immediately reported by Spa Grand Prix.

‣ Spa Grand Prix issued a warning about the phishing attempt, advising recipients not to click on any links in the fraudulent email and to be cautious with their personal and bank details.

‣ Despite the warning, some individuals clicked on the fake email and may have compromised their bank details, with Spa Grand Prix urging those affected to report the incident.

Oh boy, did you hear about the latest mess? Last weekend, a bunch of folks who once enjoyed the roar of engines at the Belgium Grand Prix got a surprise in their inbox. An email popped up, all shiny and promising, whispering sweet nothings about a 50-euro gift voucher. But, plot twist – it was all a sham, a digital mirage crafted by hackers. Yep, those emails were about as real as my chances of becoming an astronaut.

Now, the folks behind the scenes at the Spa Grand Prix, nestled in the heart of the Ardennes, are waving red flags. They’re practically shouting from the rooftops: “Don’t click those links!” It’s like a digital minefield out there.

And get this – the Spa Grand Prix’s website got a nasty visit from the cyber boogeyman not too long ago. Snatched right under their noses were a bunch of email addresses. How many? Who knows. It’s like they grabbed a handful of emails and vanished into the night. And, in a move that’ll make you go “Hmm,” the Grand Prix squad kept mum about the hack until those fake emails started doing the rounds. Talk about being a day late and a dollar short.

### Response from Spa Grand Prix

So, the Spa Grand Prix folks finally broke the silence. They sent out an email that pretty much said, “Heads up, everyone! There’s a phony email doing the rounds, pretending to be us. It’s dangling a 50-euro voucher in front of you, but trust us, it’s a trap. Phishing, to be exact. Our advice? Don’t take the bait. And hey, while we’re on the subject, guard your personal info like it’s the last slice of pizza. Especially your bank details. Oh, and just so we’re clear, we’d never slide into your emails asking for sensitive info in exchange for gifts. Not our style.”

But here’s the kicker – despite the warning, some folks went ahead and clicked on that cursed link. And, oops, they might’ve handed over their bank details to who knows who. RTBF, the broadcaster, is now saying, “If that’s you, maybe give Spa Grand Prix a shout.” As for what the fake email looked like? Well, that’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it?

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