Todt Continues to Visit Friend Schumacher, Says He’s Changed

Michael Schumacher, seven-time world champion and renowned Formula 1 driver, is no longer as we knew him following a tragic skiing accident a decade ago, according to former team boss Jean Todt, who regularly visits him.


‣ Michael Schumacher, the seven-time world champion and one of the best Formula 1 drivers of all time, fell into a coma after a skiing accident in Switzerland nearly a decade ago.
‣ The current condition of Schumacher is kept confidential by his family and friends, including former team boss Jean Todt.
‣ Jean Todt, who still sees Schumacher regularly, stated that the former driver is no longer as we knew him, and his life is different now.
‣ Schumacher’s wife and children are said to be protecting him and beautifully framing his different life.

Almost a decade has passed since the unfortunate skiing accident in Switzerland that left Michael Schumacher in a coma. The seven-time world champion, often hailed as the greatest Formula 1 driver of all time, has been shrouded in mystery ever since. His family and friends, including the German’s close circle, have kept his current condition under wraps.

Jean Todt, the former team boss of Schumacher, is one of the few privy to his situation. In a conversation with l’Equipe, the Frenchman revealed that the 54-year-old ex-driver isn’t the same person we once knew.

Schumacher’s illustrious career in Formula 1 came to an end in 2012. He hung up his racing boots for good, stepping away from the pinnacle of motorsport. But just over a year post-retirement, tragedy struck. The German met with a severe skiing accident that left him grievously injured. Since then, the world has been left in the dark about the seven-time world champion’s condition.

Todt, however, continues to visit Schumacher regularly. He expressed his gratitude for still having his friend around: “Michael is here, so I don’t miss him.” But he also acknowledged the change: “He is no longer the Michael from before. He is different and beautifully framed by his wife and children who protect him.”

His life has taken a different turn, and Todt feels privileged to share moments with him. But that’s all he’s willing to divulge. “Unfortunately, fate struck him ten years ago, and he is no longer the Michael we knew in F1,” Todt concluded.

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