Top F1 Drivers View Rising Junior as Major Threat on His Way to F1

Oliver Bearman, an 18-year-old Ferrari driver, made a notable Formula 1 debut in Saudi Arabia by finishing seventh, earning praise from fellow drivers Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, and Sergio Perez for his impressive performance on one of the calendar’s most challenging tracks.


‣ Oliver Bearman, an 18-year-old Ferrari driver, made a notable debut in Formula 1 at the Saudi Arabian race, finishing in seventh place and earning international recognition.

‣ Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen, both seasoned drivers, expressed their admiration for Bearman’s performance, especially considering the challenging nature of the Saudi Arabian street track.

‣ Sergio Perez also praised Bearman’s debut, highlighting the difficulty of making a debut at such a challenging venue and commending Bearman’s preparation and performance.

‣ Despite interest from Ferrari for Bearman to join Haas this season, plans were delayed due to Haas wanting to resolve car issues first, positioning Bearman as a prime candidate for a seat at Haas in the next season.

Oliver Bearman’s Formula 1 debut in Saudi Arabia was anything but quiet. At just 18, the young Ferrari driver snagged a seventh-place finish. This feat didn’t just turn heads; it earned him a nod from the international racing community. Imagine that, eh?

Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, and Sergio Perez? They were already keeping an eye on Bearman after his qualifying rounds. It seems they’re gearing up for some thrilling races against him. Maybe even looking forward to it. How’s that for a welcome?

### Leclerc and Verstappen on Bearman

Leclerc’s weekend saw his teammate, Sainz, bowing out early. But Bearman? He caught Leclerc’s eye. “This track’s a beast,” Leclerc might as well have said. It’s fast, it’s furious, and it’s unforgiving. Yet, Bearman took it on like a champ. Leclerc barely had time to chat with him, but he did sneak in a quick, “Pumped for today?” To which Bearman, eyes probably sparkling with excitement, responded, “Can’t wait.”

Verstappen, with three world titles under his belt, was equally wowed. Jumping into a race on such a daunting track? It’s no small feat. Verstappen found himself glued to Bearman’s first few laps during FP3. “By the third lap,” Verstappen thought, “this kid’s got game.” Impressive, right?

### Perez Chimes In

Perez threw in his two cents, echoing Verstappen and Leclerc’s sentiments. “Impressive,” he said, probably with a nod of respect. Making your debut on one of the trickiest tracks out there? It’s a bold move. But Bearman didn’t just show up; he showed up prepared and confident. Perez couldn’t help but admire the kid’s guts and skill.

Rumor has it, Ferrari was eyeing a spot for Bearman at Haas this season. But, you know, with Haas still ironing out some kinks in their car, they decided to wait. Despite this, Bearman’s performance has everyone whispering about his potential Haas seat next year. Talk about making an entrance!

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