Top F1 Teams’ Car Launches: Addressing the Elephants in the Room

The second week of Formula 1 car launches for the 2024 season features the unveiling of Aston Martin’s AMR24, followed by Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, and Red Bull Racing, with each team’s presentation focusing on different aspects such as new car developments, driver changes, and management controversies.


‣ Ferrari’s 2024 car launch will be an online event, focusing more on the recruitment of Lewis Hamilton for the 2025 season rather than the new car itself.

‣ McLaren’s 2024 car, to be revealed on Wednesday, is anticipated to be a further development of their competitive car from the end of the 2023 season, with questions about their ability to challenge Red Bull Racing.

‣ Mercedes has made significant changes to the concept of their W15 car, with the F1 community eager to see if they have adopted a design closer to Red Bull’s or taken a different path.

‣ Red Bull Racing’s car launch for the RB20 might be overshadowed by the investigation into alleged inappropriate behaviour by team boss Christian Horner, raising questions about his presence at the event.

Aston Martin’s AMR24 made quite the entrance early Monday morning. It marked the beginning of the second week of Formula 1 car launches. And oh, what a week it’s shaping up to be! Ferrari’s up next on Tuesday. Then, we’ve got Mercedes and McLaren lining up for Wednesday. Wrapping things up on Thursday, Red Bull Racing will step into the spotlight. So, what’s buzzing in the F1 world? Let’s dive in.

### Ferrari
Last year, Ferrari tried something new. They let fans and media in on their shakedown. Turns out, it wasn’t a hit. This year, they’re keeping it low-key. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz‘s new ride? It’s getting an online reveal. But hey, there’s a virtual press conference for the media. Though, let’s be real. The chatter’s likely not about the 2024 car.

Here’s a curveball – Ferrari snagged Lewis Hamilton for 2025. That news dropped like a bomb, with just a sentence to confirm it. Questions? Ferrari’s been dodging them like it’s their job. But come Tuesday, they won’t be able to sidestep. Everyone’s eyes are on 2025, not just the upcoming season.

### McLaren
McLaren’s not playing the mystery game this year. They already flaunted their livery on social media. But that was just a teaser. Wednesday’s the day we see Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri‘s actual chariot for 2024. It’s an evolution of their Abu Dhabi finisher. The big question? Can they inch closer to Red Bull Racing? Bahrain’s test days will spill the beans.

### Mercedes
Mercedes has had a rough couple of years. Dominating F1, then suddenly, just one win since 2021. They’ve had a wake-up call in 2023. Now, everyone’s itching to know. Did Mercedes take a leaf out of Red Bull’s book for the W15? Or did they chart their own path?

Toto Wolff let slip that the W15’s been overhauled. Wednesday’s reveal is eagerly awaited. Will their tweaks pay off?

### Red Bull Racing
Red Bull Racing’s the team to beat in 2024. The RB20’s unveiling is set for Thursday. It’s a step up from the nearly invincible RB19. But, the buzz might not be about the car. Christian Horner’s presence, or lack thereof, is the hot topic. He’s under investigation, and it’s casting a shadow over the launch. Will he show up? This drama’s got the whole F1 world on edge.

And there you have it. A week packed with launches, surprises, and a fair share of drama. F1’s never just about the cars, is it?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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