Trulli: Hamilton’s Arrival May Not Impact Ferrari Significantly

Lewis Hamilton‘s move to Ferrari in 2025 is seen by Jarno Trulli as fulfilling a childhood dream but not necessarily enough to challenge Red Bull’s dominance, with Trulli suggesting Hamilton might benefit more from the switch than Ferrari.


‣ Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari in 2025 is seen as fulfilling his childhood dream, but Jarno Trulli warns that this does not necessarily mean Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen will become beatable.

‣ Trulli argues that despite Hamilton’s skill and experience, the success of Ferrari will ultimately depend on the competitiveness of the car and team, suggesting that the presence of a champion like Hamilton does not guarantee victories.

‣ The switch to Ferrari is viewed by Trulli as more beneficial for Hamilton, fulfilling a personal dream, rather than significantly boosting Ferrari’s chances of winning titles.

‣ Trulli reflects on the deep connections drivers have with teams, suggesting that just as Michael Schumacher will always be associated with Ferrari, Lewis Hamilton will remain a symbol of Mercedes, regardless of his move.

Lewis Hamilton just dropped a bombshell on the Formula 1 scene. He’s leaving Mercedes for Ferrari in 2025. Jaw-dropping, right? Jarno Trulli, however, threw in a bucket of cold water. Speaking to La Repubblica, he cautioned everyone. Don’t think Red Bull and Max Verstappen are suddenly easy targets.

### Trulli: ‘Arrival of Hamilton does not mean change’
“Lewis is chasing a childhood dream,” Trulli started. But dreams aside, he’s blunt. The Red Bulls? Still monsters on the track. The news, though? Explosive. A seven-time world champ switching to the most iconic team. Yet, Trulli shrugs. It’s not a game-changer.

Field all the champions you want, he says. If the car’s a dud, what’s the point? Hamilton’s a legend, sure. Packed with experience and skill. But age is creeping up on him. And victories? Not guaranteed, Trulli warns.

### ‘Hamilton benefits more from this move than Ferrari’
Hamilton, at 40, is living the dream. But Trulli’s skeptical. Will this really boost Ferrari? He doubts it. Winning titles is Ferrari’s game, not just collecting champions. “Hamilton’s the real winner here,” Trulli muses.

Hamilton’s career? A storied journey. From a McLaren kid to a Mercedes icon. Trulli’s reminded of Schumacher’s saga. A tale of loyalty, dreams, and late career moves.

### ‘Lewis will always be connected to Mercedes’
Schumacher’s story is a twisty one. Signed with Mercedes young, but F1 eluded him till later. Returning at 41, he chose Mercedes. A full-circle moment. But in hearts and history, he’s Ferrari’s legend. Trulli’s clear: Hamilton’s legacy is with Mercedes. No matter where he goes, that’s his home.

So, there you have it. Hamilton’s big move. A mix of dreams, legacies, and cold hard realities. Trulli’s take? It’s more than just cars and champions. It’s about history, dreams, and the hard truth of competition.

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