Tsunoda Aims to Compete Against Verstappen & Red Bull

Yuki Tsunoda aims for his team, Visa Cash App RB F1, to eventually compete with sister team Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen, emphasizing a long-term vision and a closer collaboration with Red Bull to gain competitive advantages.


‣ Yuki Tsunoda and the Visa Cash App RB F1 team aim to compete with Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen in the future, acknowledging it as a long-term vision.

‣ Launching VCARB 01 for the 2024 F1 season, Tsunoda’s team aims not only to finish in the points but also to eventually compete with Red Bull, planning to work more closely with the sister team to improve competitiveness.

‣ Tsunoda sees the closer collaboration with Red Bull Racing as beneficial, hoping to leverage their experience and knowledge to gain a competitive edge and fight with the top eight cars in the Formula 1 races.

Yuki Tsunoda’s got a dream. And it’s a big one. He’s eyeing the prize with the Visa Cash App RB F1 team. You know, aiming high to rub shoulders with the big guys – Red Bull Racing and that speed demon, Max Verstappen. But hey, he’s quick to mention, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. This vision? It’s for the long haul, as he gears up for his fourth lap around the sun with Formula 1.

### VCARB’s got eyes on the prize

So, they’re rolling out the VCARB 01 for the 2024 F1 season. Tsunoda’s not just looking to snag a few points here and there. Nope. He’s setting his sights on giving Red Bull a run for their money. Down the line, of course. But here’s the kicker – they’re actually cozying up to Red Bull. Yeah, you heard that right. The Italian squad’s planning to work hand in glove with them, hoping it’ll give them an edge.

“I reckon it’s a smart move, getting closer to Red Bull Racing,” Tsunoda muses. After all, those folks have a trophy cabinet that’s the envy of the paddock. “They’ve been killing it in recent years,” he admits, tipping his hat to Motorsport.com. But, he’s quick to add, there’s a rulebook. And it’s got something to say about just how buddy-buddy they can get.

Tsunoda’s not just whistling Dixie about this partnership, though. He’s convinced that buddying up with Red Bull is going to pay dividends. Why? Because sharing is caring. Or in F1 terms, sharing knowledge and experience could mean shaving off those crucial tenths. “We’re banking on their know-how to help us duke it out with the top eight,” Tsunoda says, eyes on the prize.

And there you have it. Tsunoda and the VCARB team are not just in it to make up the numbers. They’re playing the long game, with dreams of taking on the titans. And with a little help from their friends at Red Bull, who knows? Maybe, just maybe, they’ll shake things up.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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