Tsunoda Evaluates New Team Boss Mekies Following Two Races

Laurent Mekies has taken over from Franz Tost as the head of Visa Cash App RB, with Yuki Tsunoda and the team positively adapting to the change, despite the challenge of integrating new members and aiming for better results after a point-less start to the season.


‣ Laurent Mekies has taken over from Franz Tost as the team principal of Visa Cash App RB, marking a significant leadership change within the sister team of Red Bull Racing.

‣ Yuki Tsunoda, a driver for the team, has expressed a positive outlook on Mekies’ leadership, highlighting the good relationship and the positive impact Mekies is already having on the team’s improvement.

‣ Despite the challenges of integrating new members and fostering a comfortable team environment, Mekies has been successful in maintaining a good relationship with the team and promoting a positive atmosphere.

‣ The team, under Mekies’ leadership, is focused on translating the positive team dynamics into improved performance on the track, following a start to the season without scoring points in the first two Grand Prix.

Adjusting to the new normal at Visa Cash App RB isn’t a walk in the park. Gone are the days of Franz Tost steering the ship. Now, we’ve got Laurent Mekies, fresh from Ferrari, calling the shots. It’s a big change, considering Tost was our go-to guy from the get-go. But hey, he hung up his hat after the 2023 F1 season wrapped up. And Yuki Tsunoda? He’s pretty stoked about Mekies stepping in. Doesn’t see it as a step back at all.

Tsunoda’s got nothing but good vibes about Mekies. Says they’re already clicking, and Mekies is on the ball with making improvements. There’s a bit of a vibe match between Mekies and Tost, according to Tsunoda. Both of them really tune into the team, valuing everyone’s two cents. Mekies is all about mixing it all up to find the best possible solution. Tsunoda didn’t have any trouble getting used to Mekies. No awkward adjustments or anything.

### Mekies has no easy task, according to Tsunoda

From the get-go, Tsunoda and Mekies hit it off. But it’s not just Tsunoda; the whole team’s feeling the good energy. Everyone’s getting along, aiming to keep spirits high and the mood right. Mekies has his work cut out, though. Merging personalities and ensuring everyone’s comfy, especially with new faces around, is no small feat. Yet, from what Tsunoda’s seen, the team’s in a happy, chill place, working well together.

Now, the real deal is translating this positive atmosphere into solid results. After two Grand Prix, VCARB’s still chasing points. Their best shot? A 13th place finish at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Not exactly where they want to be, but hey, it’s early days.

Albert Ramirez
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