Understanding Newey’s Role: His Purpose Misinterpreted

Adrian Newey, the British chief technical officer for Red Bull Racing, is often credited with the team’s success due to his car concepts, but according to Red Bull Racing technical director Pierre Waché, Newey’s role is more of a mentor, challenging the team and being open to others’ ideas, rather than creating the full concept of the car.


‣ Adrian Newey has been a significant figure in Red Bull Racing since 2006, contributing to the team’s seven drivers’ and six constructors’ titles.
‣ Newey’s role within the team is not to create the full concept of the car, but rather to use his extensive experience to challenge and mentor the team.
‣ Despite his reduced time with the team, Newey’s input is still highly valued and utilized.
‣ Newey is open-minded to others’ ideas, further enhancing his role as a mentor within the team.

Adrian Newey, the genius behind Red Bull’s car concepts, is a name that often pops up. But is this reputation deserved? Or does he play a different role within the team? Red Bull Racing’s technical director, Pierre Waché, spills the beans to Motorsport.com about the British chief technical officer’s role.

Newey’s been with Red Bull Racing since 2006. His tenure with the Austrian racing team has been quite successful. Seven drivers’ and six constructors’ titles under their belt. And guess what? Many attribute these victories to the car concepts that Newey brainstormed.

So, how much does Newey really contribute to Red Bull’s car concept? Waché sheds some light. “In terms of engineering, Adrian’s the most seasoned player on the grid. We’ve got to leverage that experience, especially since he’s got less time for us now. Not sure how to phrase this in English, but he’s more of a challenger. He doesn’t lay out the full plan or the complete car concept.” Waché adds that Newey is pretty open to others’ ideas. At Red Bull, he’s more of a mentor.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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