Upcoming Announcement at Williams? F1 Team Shares Teaser

Williams’ X-page has a cryptic message that could suggest a contract renewal for driver Logan Sargeant or the announcement of a new sponsor.


‣ Williams’ X-page bio contains a message that suggests something is about to be signed.
‣ This could potentially refer to a contract extension for American driver Logan Sargeant, whose current contract has not yet been renewed.
‣ Team boss James Vowles has expressed interest in working with Sargeant again next year.
‣ Another possibility is the announcement of a new sponsor for Williams, which currently includes Gulf and Duracel as major sponsors.

There’s something intriguing happening on Williams’ X-page. A tweet’s out, telling everyone to check out their bio. And guess what? There’s a pretty interesting message in there.

Williams seems to be hinting at something. Something big that’s about to go down. Their bio reads: eye emoji, contract emoji, and a soon emoji. What could that mean?

Could it be a new contract for Sargeant? Logan Sargeant’s contract hasn’t been renewed yet. So, there’s a possibility that they’re talking about an extension for the American. In the past few weeks, team boss James Vowles has mentioned a couple of times that he’s excited about working with the 22-year-old driver next year. So, maybe that’s what they’re hinting at.

Or could it be a new sponsor for Williams? Right now, Gulf and Duracel are the big sponsors for Williams. But who knows? Maybe they’re about to announce a new sponsor. Who could it be? We don’t know yet.

In the midst of all this, Toto Wolff is at the centre of a riot. Some heavy accusations are being thrown around by the competition. But that’s a story for another day.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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