Valtteri Bottas Seeks Crowd’s Help after Losing Something

Since leaving Mercedes, Valtteri Bottas is participating in the Movember charity, which he’s shaved his moustache for and is hoping to raise money for.


‣ Valtteri Bottas has partnered with charity organization Movember and is shaving his mustache to raise money
‣ Alfa Romeo is in desperate need of points to avoid falling to last place in the constructor’s championship
‣ The team is dedicated to working together to achieve this goal and improve their standings

Valtteri Bottas has returned to the F1 circuit, this time behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo, and eagle-eyed viewers might have noticed that the mustache is gone. Bottas shared in an interview his reason for shaving off his mustache, stating, “That is correct. It’s November, so I’ve got to start from zero. Actually I do it for charity, for Movember, I had a bit of a scare this morning when I looked in the mirror, but only a few days and we’re good.” By shaving off the iconic facial hair, Bottas is hoping to raise funds for Movember. The Formula 1 driver also posted a charitable link on his Instagram page.
Now driving for Alfa Romeo, Bottas has faced some sporting challenges. As Alfa Romeo has slipped to ninth place in the constructors’ championship, the pressure is on to maintain their position. Speaking about their position and efforts, Bottas mentioned: “Everyone just wants points. Everyone has the right mentality. We know that. We didn’t succeed in the last event or in the last couple of events, but it’s important to get together, you know, to make sure that we all work as a team towards the same goal.”
Bottas also shared ambitions for the remainder of the year’s Grand Prix races and expressed hope to avoid slipping to tenth place. The racing enthusiast is determined to work with his team and contribute to the pursuit of their common goal. He remains focused on making strides for Alfa Romeo and securing more points in the coming races, despite the obstacles.

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