Van der Garde Predicts Horner’s Departure from Red Bull

Christian Horner’s future as Red Bull Racing’s team boss is uncertain due to an investigation into inappropriate behaviour, with former F1 driver Giedo van der Garde predicting Horner will not return to the team and his absence from the upcoming RB20 presentation, marking a significant blemish on Red Bull’s reputation.


‣ Christian Horner’s future at Red Bull Racing is uncertain due to an investigation into inappropriate behaviour, making his position seemingly untenable according to Giedo van der Garde.

‣ Horner is not expected to be present at the RB20 presentation on 15 February, as indicated by van der Garde, highlighting internal control measures by Red Bull.

‣ An independent lawyer will question Horner about the case, with all other involved parties already interviewed, pointing towards a swift resolution desired by Red Bull, regardless of Horner’s future with the team.

‣ The situation is described as a “blemish” on Red Bull’s reputation, overshadowing the team’s anticipation of a successful season with a potentially “mega-good car.”

Christian Horner’s been at the helm of Red Bull Racing for a whopping 20 years. The guy’s practically part of the furniture. But now? Well, things are looking a bit shaky because of some not-so-great behavior that’s come to light.

Giedo van der Garde, that ex-Formula One driver who’s always got something to say, reckons Horner’s days are numbered. Over on his podcast, DRS: The Race Show, he’s pretty much written Horner’s farewell speech.

And get this – Horner’s not even gonna be at the RB20’s big reveal on February 15. “Controlled internally by Red Bull,” as van der Garde puts it. He’s betting his bottom dollar Horner won’t be anywhere near that stage.

A Spot on Red Bull’s Shiny Image

This Friday’s gonna be a tough one for Horner. He’s up for a grilling by some independent legal eagle. And it sounds like he’s the last man standing – they’ve already picked everyone else’s brains.

Red Bull’s itching to get this mess sorted, Horner or no Horner. Van der Garde’s pretty sure the guy won’t be making a comeback to Verstappen’s side of the garage.

And it’s a real headache for Red Bull, right when they’re about to show off their latest beast. Van der Garde’s betting they’ll pull out another stunner of a car. But this whole saga? It’s like a raincloud over their parade.

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