Vasseur Aims to Increase Pressure on Max to Induce Mistakes

Ferrari team boss Frederic Vasseur believes that three-time world champion Max Verstappen will make more mistakes next year if the competition increases the pressure, despite a virtually flawless performance this year in Formula 1.


‣ Frederic Vasseur, the Ferrari team boss, praised Max Verstappen’s performance in the recent Formula 1 season, calling it virtually faultless.
‣ Vasseur believes that Verstappen could make more mistakes next year if the competition manages to increase the pressure on him.
‣ Vasseur attributes Verstappen’s success to the dominance of the RB19 and the lack of pressure from competitors.
‣ Verstappen won the world championship with six races to go, marking the earliest a title has been decided in a season.

Frederic Vasseur, the Ferrari team boss, has been impressed with Max Verstappen’s performance in Formula 1 this year. He describes Verstappen’s season as virtually flawless. However, Vasseur predicts that Verstappen might face more challenges next year, especially if the competition steps up their game.

Vasseur shared his thoughts in Abu Dhabi, after the season’s final race. “Not natural that someone has a doubt on this but he did a mega season,” he said. Verstappen’s performance was particularly notable in the first two or three races, where he outshone his competitor, Checo.

The Frenchman further elaborated on Verstappen’s performance. Even when Verstappen struggled in qualifying in Jeddah, it was due to a mechanical issue, not a lack of skill or effort. Vasseur also noted that Verstappen was always there, always taking a good start, and avoiding contact. The only exception was in Vegas, where Verstappen received a five-second time penalty for pushing Charles Leclerc to the outside at the start.

Vasseur believes that Verstappen’s flawless performance can be attributed to the dominance of the RB19. The car’s performance meant that Verstappen faced virtually no pressure. Vasseur said, “The only issue for us is that, as everybody, he will do more mistakes when he will be under pressure. Nobody was able to put him under pressure this season, except us, the last two or three events.”

Vasseur also mentioned that Verstappen started making some mistakes when he was under pressure, particularly from Carlos in Singapore. He suggested that perhaps Red Bull made some mistakes in terms of set-up, but Ferrari was too far away to put any significant pressure on them.

Verstappen won the world championship this year with six races to spare. This is the earliest the title has ever been decided in a season. Now, the ball is in Ferrari’s court to up their game and be more competitive in 2024.

In other news, Ricciardo is excited for 2024. He’s been quoted saying, ‘They see me as a Red Bull driver.’

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