Vasseur Stops Making Promises, Shifts Focus to Deliverables

Ferrari will officially unveil its new car, currently codenamed 676, on 13 February 2024, according to team boss Frederic Vasseur, who also stated that he will not make any promises to fans until the team’s performance can be assessed in March.


‣ Ferrari will officially unveil its new car, currently codenamed 676, on 13 February 2024.
‣ The launch date has been chosen to give the team an extra day before the test.
‣ Team boss Frederic Vasseur acknowledges the challenge of getting everything ready for the test, which is scheduled earlier than its 2023 slot.
‣ Vasseur promises not to set high expectations this year, focusing instead on delivering a good performance in March.

Well, it’s official now. A few days back, it was just a rumor, but now it’s confirmed. Ferrari is all set to unveil their new car, codenamed 676, on the 13th of February, 2024. That’s just under 58 days away, if you’re counting.

Frederic Vasseur, the team boss, spilled the beans in a chat with “The launch is on the 13th of February. You’ll see the rest then,” he said. Why the 13th, you ask?

Vasseur had a cheeky response. “Because we get an extra day before the test,” he joked. But then he got serious. “It’s quite tight, honestly. The test is a bit earlier than its 2023 slot, and it’s a challenge to get everything together.”

He didn’t mince words. “We didn’t have another option. I think some other teams are launching on the 14th, but it’s a real challenge to be ready for Bahrain.”

Promises to fans

Vasseur admitted that he might have set the bar too high last year. He’s not making that mistake this year. “I don’t have to promise something,” he said when asked about promises to the Tifosi.

He was pretty clear about his approach. “The best way is to stay focused on what we’re doing. The real Christmas gift for the fans will be if we do a good job in March, not for Christmas. On Christmas, the gift is just based on promises, and I don’t want to make promises.”

He left it open-ended. “We’ll see in March if it will be the Easter gift.” So, we wait and see.

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