Vasseur Updates on Sainz, Praises Bearman

Carlos Sainz is missing the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix due to appendicitis and surgery, with his replacement Oliver Bearman impressing in qualifying, while team boss Frederic Vasseur provides updates on Sainz’s condition and praises Bearman’s performance.


‣ Carlos Sainz is missing the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix due to appendicitis and has undergone surgery.

‣ Oliver Bearman, Sainz’s replacement, impressed in qualifying by securing the 11th fastest time.

‣ Team boss Frederic Vasseur is hopeful for Sainz’s quick return and confirms his condition is improving.

‣ Vasseur praises Bearman’s performance and adaptability, noting his previous experiences and success in Formula 2 as beneficial preparation.

Carlos Sainz won’t be racing at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix this Saturday night. Why? The guy’s down with appendicitis and had to undergo surgery. Now, stepping into his shoes is Oliver Bearman, a name that might not ring many bells but sure did impress by snagging the 11th fastest time in qualifying. And you bet, Team boss Frederic Vasseur had a thing or two to say about this whole situation when he chatted with Sky Sports.

### Vasseur’s Take on Sainz’s Situation
So, Vasseur kicked things off with a bit about Sainz: “He’s okay. Not hitting the track this weekend, that’s for sure, but fingers crossed, he’ll be back in action soon. It’s a rough patch, but things are looking up.” Initially, they thought it was just some bad takeout or something. But nope, it got worse, and a hospital trip was in order.

Remember last year? Nyck de Vries stepped in for Alexander Albon at Monza because of a similar health hiccup. The dude nailed it, scoring points right off the bat and eventually landing a spot at AlphaTauri. Talk about a silver lining, huh?

### And About Bearman…
Now, onto Bearman. Vasseur spilled the beans just before the third free practice session, kinda like a surprise test. “Around 1.30 or 2 in the afternoon. Better that way, less time to overthink.” Bearman isn’t exactly a stranger to Ferrari’s wheels; he’s had his hands on the old car a few months back. Did pretty well, too. Plus, he’s had a couple of runs in FP1s last year.

Jumping into a car for Jeddah’s FP3? Not a walk in the park. But get this – the kid was in F2 just yesterday, nailed the pole position. If that’s not solid prep, I don’t know what is.

So, there you have it. Sainz is out, Bearman’s in, and everyone’s on their toes to see how this weekend turns out. It’s the unpredictability of racing, folks. Keeps you on the edge of your seat, doesn’t it?

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