Verstappen Aims for Red Bull Improvement in 2024, Identifies Weak Point

Max Verstappen is aiming for his 54th career win at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which would put him third on the list of most wins in Formula 1, surpassing Sebastian Vettel, and only behind Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher; he also hopes for a stronger Red Bull car in 2024 to continue his momentum.


‣ Max Verstappen is aiming for his 54th career win at the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, which would place him third on the list of most wins in Formula 1, surpassing Sebastian Vettel.
‣ Verstappen acknowledges the significance of potentially surpassing Vettel’s record but remains focused on future races and maintaining a competitive car.
‣ Verstappen and his team, Red Bull Racing, are working on improving their car’s weaknesses, particularly on street circuits and low speed areas, in preparation for the 2024 season.
‣ Despite the challenges, Verstappen highlights winning the comeback race in Miami, the home race in Zandvoort, and the race in Suzuka as the season’s highlights.

Max Verstappen is on a record chase in Abu Dhabi. Should he clinch the Grand Prix at the Yas Marina Circuit, it’ll be his 54th career win. That’s one more than Sebastian Vettel, the retired German racer.

Vettel and Verstappen are currently neck and neck for third place on the list of most Formula 1 wins. A victory would put Verstappen in sole possession of third place. Only Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher would then outrank him.

“Of course, it’s quite a crazy number,” Verstappen admits. He describes the year as “crazy, crazy.” If he surpasses Vettel’s record, it would be a sweet victory. But Verstappen is not losing sight of the bigger picture. “I’m very focused on what’s ahead of me,” he says. He’s hopeful for a competitive car next year. “We can then really continue our momentum and try to win more races.”

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Verstappen is optimistic about a stronger Red Bull in ’24. Other teams will be gunning to catch up with Red Bull Racing. Verstappen acknowledges it’s “difficult to say” if they’ll succeed. “But, of course, we are also working on our car to try and make it better,” he adds. He’s aware of the car’s weaknesses and is keen to address them. He also wants to bolster the car’s strengths.

Despite Red Bull’s impressive performance this season, Verstappen admits there are weaknesses. “Of course there are. Look at our race weekend in Singapore,” he says. He feels the car struggles on street circuits, like in Vegas. “Low speed is definitely not our strongest point in the car. Bumps and kerbs as well,” he adds. He sees these areas as opportunities for improvement.

The 2024 season is still a way off. Verstappen’s immediate focus is on finishing this year on a high note. He reflects on the season’s highlights. “I think winning the comeback race in Miami was great,” he says. He also cherishes his victory at home in Zandvoort and winning in Suzuka after a challenging weekend in Singapore.

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