Verstappen Calls for Respect for Marko, the Architect Behind the Team

Max Verstappen is standing by Helmut Marko, emphasizing the need for Red Bull to treat Marko with respect amid rumors of his suspension from the team, while also hinting at his own future with the team being tied to Marko’s fate.


‣ Max Verstappen emphasizes the importance of treating Helmut Marko with respect, highlighting Marko’s significant contributions to Red Bull Racing and his personal loyalty to Marko.

‣ Helmut Marko, co-founder of Red Bull’s Formula 1 teams, is facing suspension from Red Bull GmbH for allegedly leaking information to the media, signaling a potential end to his tenure with the team.

‣ Verstappen has expressed his deep connection to Marko, stating that his own future with Red Bull is intertwined with Marko’s presence in the team, and hinting at a possible departure if Marko leaves.

‣ Amidst the uncertainty at Red Bull Racing, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff sees an opportunity to recruit Verstappen for 2025, leveraging the existing good relationship between Wolff and the Verstappen family.

Max Verstappen’s got a bone to pick with Red Bull. He’s all about giving Helmut Marko the respect he deserves. After all, they’re pretty much in this F1 rollercoaster together. And let’s not forget, Marko’s been the team’s backbone, supporting Christian through thick and thin.

Now, here’s the scoop. Helmut Marko, the big guy behind Red Bull’s F1 success, might just be on his way out. Word on the street is that he’s been a bit too chatty with the media. Oops. Looks like Red Bull GmbH isn’t too happy about it. They’re talking suspension next week. Tough break, huh?

Verstappen’s Stand

Verstappen’s not mincing words. “You gotta show Helmut some serious respect,” he told De Telegraaf. He’s reminiscing about the good old days when Helmut and Dietrich Mateschitz were cooking up plans for the team. And hey, Verstappen’s loyalty? It’s rock solid. He didn’t sign up till 2028 for nothing.

So, what’s Max gonna do? He’s made it crystal clear. If Marko’s out, he might just follow suit. And guess what? This drama’s got Toto Wolff’s antennas up. The Mercedes boss sees an opportunity. He’s got a spot for 2025 and wouldn’t mind seeing Verstappen fill it. Seems like Jos Verstappen and Wolff had a little chat in Bahrain. And Wolff? He’s feeling pretty good about his chances with the Verstappens.

In a nutshell, things at Red Bull are heating up. And in the world of F1, loyalty, respect, and a dash of drama make the race all the more thrilling.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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