Verstappen Calls Incident ‘Stupid’ After DNF: What He Thought

Max Verstappen retired early from the Australian Grand Prix due to his right-rear brake catching fire, a problem he was unaware of until it significantly affected his car’s balance, leading to frustration and confusion over a pit stop decision while the issue was ongoing.


– ‣ Max Verstappen experienced his first retirement in two years during the Australian Grand Prix due to his right-rear brake catching fire, which he likened to feeling like the handbrake was on.
– ‣ Verstappen expressed frustration and confusion over Red Bull’s decision to pit him while his car was on fire, questioning the rationale behind making a pit stop under those circumstances.
– ‣ The issue with the right-rear brake began from the start of the race, leading to an imbalance in the car that Verstappen noticed but could not initially identify the cause of.

Max Verstappen’s luck ran out at the Australian Grand Prix. For the first time in two years, he didn’t see the checkered flag. Early on, trouble brewed. His right-rear brake was ablaze, feeling as if he’d left the handbrake on. That’s what the Dutch speedster thought, at least.

Back in the garage, frustration boiled over. Verstappen couldn’t hold back. “F****** stupid,” he vented, aiming his words at chief engineer Paul Monaghan. Later, in the paddock’s buzz, he shed more light on the ordeal.

“From the get-go, my right-rear brake was stuck,” he recounted. The temperature soared, igniting a fire. “Felt like I was dragging the handbrake,” he added, a hint of disbelief in his tone. He admitted, though, he was clueless about the fire at first. All he sensed was the car’s balance off-kilter, thanks to the stubborn brake.

### Verstappen didn’t understand why Red Bull pitted him

By the third lap, things took a turn. After Carlos Sainz zipped past him, smoke signals emerged from Verstappen’s RB20. Specifically, from the problematic right-rear brake now engulfed in flames. Red Bull’s response? Call him back to the pits. That decision didn’t sit well with him. “Fucking stupid,” he repeated, this time for Monaghan to hear.

Why the outburst? Verstappen was puzzled. “We’re making a pit stop with the car on fire. Why now?” he questioned, still in the dark about the root cause of the brake debacle.

In essence, it was a day to forget for Verstappen. Between the fiery brake and the pit stop puzzlement, frustration was the name of the game. Yet, amidst the chaos, his candidness shone through, a reminder of the raw, unfiltered emotions that fuel Formula 1’s heart-pounding drama.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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