Verstappen Comments on Austria Incident: Just Keeping Everyone Awake for a While

Max Verstappen dominated the Austrian Grand Prix, moving 25 seconds ahead of Charles Leclerc and securing the fastest race lap after a successful pit stop, despite initial concerns from Red Bull Racing’s Christian Horner.


‣ Max Verstappen dominated the Austrian Grand Prix, moving around 25 seconds ahead of Charles Leclerc.
‣ Despite leading the race, Verstappen was not satisfied until he secured the fastest race lap.
‣ Verstappen’s decision to pit stop before the end of the race, against the advice of Christian Horner, resulted in Red Bull Racing gaining an extra point.
‣ Verstappen emphasized the importance of every point, stating that “you never know if that one point could be important”.

Max Verstappen’s performance at the Austrian Grand Prix was a sight to behold. He was a force of nature, leaving Charles Leclerc, who was second, about 25 seconds in his dust.

But there was a hiccup. Verstappen didn’t get the fastest race lap until a few laps before the end. That didn’t sit well with him. The Red Bull driver had some thoughts on that.

The pit stop before the race’s end was flawless. Verstappen, a three-time world champion, got back on the track ahead of Leclerc. He then snagged the fastest race lap, earning Red Bull Racing an extra point.

Christian Horner, however, wasn’t thrilled about the risk. But the guy in the RB19? He had a different perspective.

Verstappen had a chat with Viaplay about the Grand Prix in Austria. “Every point counts,” he said. He added, “You never know if you’ll need it. No risk no fun.”

He admitted that his tyres had little grip. But he didn’t let that stop him. “I said, ‘Just go in’. Keep the pressure on, even for the mechanics. I like that, keeping everyone on their toes,” he noted.

The driver, who had 19 wins under his belt in 2023, continued, “You never know if that one point could be important.” He acknowledged they had a big lead at the time. “But you never know what can happen in a season,” Verstappen concluded.

And that’s the story.

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