Verstappen Could Exit Red Bull Sooner, Not Over Money Concerns

Helmut Marko acknowledged a clause in Max Verstappen‘s contract that allows him to leave Red Bull Racing before 2028 if the team fails to provide a competitive car, despite not foreseeing him moving to Mercedes due to past controversies.


– ‣ Helmut Marko has acknowledged that Max Verstappen’s contract with Red Bull Racing, which extends until 2028, includes a clause that allows him to leave if the team fails to provide a competitive car.
– ‣ Despite Toto Wolff’s potential interest in bringing Verstappen to Mercedes, Marko believes Verstappen’s negative experiences with Mercedes during the 2021 controversies at Silverstone and Abu Dhabi make a switch unlikely.
– ‣ Marko emphasizes the importance of Red Bull maintaining a competitive edge, acknowledging that Verstappen will seek better opportunities if the team cannot supply a winning car, highlighting the performance clause in Verstappen’s contract.
– ‣ The statement underscores the competitive nature of Formula 1 contracts and the importance of team performance in retaining top drivers like Max Verstappen.

Helmut Marko dropped a bombshell about Max Verstappen’s future. It turns out, the flying Dutchman’s ties with Red Bull Racing, stretching till 2028, aren’t as ironclad as we thought. Why? Because if the car’s not up to snuff, Verstappen might just wave goodbye.

Now, here’s a twist. Marko spilled the beans about a certain clause in Verstappen’s contract. It’s like a secret escape hatch. Earlier, he mentioned Toto Wolff’s keen eye on Verstappen, eyeing him as a potential successor to Lewis Hamilton in 2025. But, Marko’s not losing sleep over it. He recalls how Verstappen hasn’t forgotten Wolff and his team’s antics post the Silverstone and Abu Dhabi dramas in 2021.

Yet, the plot thickens. Despite Marko’s confidence, he admits there’s a chance Verstappen could jump ship before 2028. And it all hinges on the car Red Bull can deliver. “There are clauses in every Formula 1 contract, including Max’s,” he revealed on ServusTV. It’s like saying, “We’ve got a plan B, just in case.”

“Max is not getting any younger,” Marko pointed out. He’s hitting the nail on the head. If Red Bull can’t provide a championship-worthy car, Verstappen’s eyes might start wandering. And here’s the kicker – no amount of money can chain him down. Marko made it crystal clear: Verstappen’s loyalty isn’t for sale.

So, what’s the takeaway? In the high-octane world of Formula 1, contracts have their loopholes. And for a talent like Verstappen, it’s all about staying in the fast lane, with or without Red Bull.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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