Verstappen Delivers Major Blow to F1 Rivals, Sainz Shows Solid Performance

Max Verstappen dominated the 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix, winning by 22 seconds and earning a perfect score for his pole position, victory, and fastest lap, while other drivers received mixed reviews for their performances.


‣ Max Verstappen’s dominant performance at the Bahrain Grand Prix, securing pole position, the race victory, and the fastest lap, showcasing his superiority over the competition and his teammate.

Sergio Perez‘s recovery from a fifth-place qualifying to finish as ‘best of the rest’, despite being 22 seconds behind Verstappen, highlighting his overtaking skills at the start of the race.

Carlos Sainz‘s strong weekend performance, outpacing his teammate Charles Leclerc in the race despite being slower in qualifying, and overcoming strategic disadvantages with decisive overtaking moves.

‣ The mixed fortunes of other drivers, with George Russell performing strongly but making a late mistake, Lando Norris having a solid but unremarkable race, and Lewis Hamilton struggling to make progress from ninth on the grid.

Max Verstappen? Oh, he absolutely smashed it in Bahrain, kicking off 2024 with a bang. The guy zoomed past the finish line a whole 22 seconds before anyone else could catch a glimpse. had a lot to say about everyone’s performance, but let’s dive into the juicy bits, shall we?

Verstappen? Solid 10. Not a foot wrong the entire weekend. Pole position, topped off with a win and that sweet extra point for the fastest lap. The ease, though. And the gap to his teammate? Mind-blowing.

Perez, on the other hand, snagged a 7. Fifth in qualifying in the RB20? Meh. But, boy, did he make up for it with those slick moves at the start. Ended up being the ‘best of the rest,’ despite trailing by a lightyear. Well, 22 seconds, but who’s counting?

Sainz? He’s sitting pretty with a 9. Outshone his teammate Leclerc in the race, despite the qualifying hiccup. Not once but twice did he outmaneuver team strategies to his advantage. Talk about determination.

Leclerc? Got a 7. The Bahrain GP wasn’t his finest hour, with brake issues plaguing his SF-24. Watching him struggle with lock-up after lock-up was something else.

Russell? An 8 for him. Outqualified his teammate and had a solid race. His move on Leclerc was highlight-reel worthy. But then, a slight hiccup under pressure. It happens to the best of us.

Norris? Another 7. Qualifying didn’t go as planned, thanks to a slip-up. Still, he outpaced his teammate and had a decent race. Though, let’s be honest, it was a bit on the down-low.

Hamilton? A 6. Tough weekend for him, getting outperformed by Russell in both qualifying and the race. Climbed up a couple of spots, but that’s about it.

Piastri? Also a 6. A solid start, but overshadowed by his teammate. Room to grow, for sure.

Alonso? He’s got a 7. Best of the Aston Martins, but those green machines were lacking some oomph.

Stroll? Another 6. Qualifying wasn’t great, and a tangle with Hulkenberg at the start didn’t help. But, he clawed back to grab a point. Not too shabby.

Zhou? He’s sitting with a 7. A tad slower in qualifying but showed some real pace in the race. Missed out on points by a whisker.

Magnussen? A 6 for him. Qualifying was a bust, but he made up for it in the race. Looks like Haas has stepped up their game.

Ricciardo? Also a 6. Post-Q2, he was kicking himself. But a bit of luck and a strategic nudge from the team helped him outpace his teammate.

Tsunoda? Another 6. Outdid his teammate but let emotions get the better of him. Team’s not too thrilled about that.

Albon? He gets a 7. Struggled with the new Williams but extracted more from it than his teammate did. Not bad at all.

Hulkenberg? A 7 for him. Shone in qualifying, but a first-corner mishap dashed his hopes for points.

Ocon? Also a 7. Outpaced his teammate in a weekend that highlighted the team’s pace issues.

Gasly? He’s got a 6. A tough weekend at the French outfit, trailing behind Ocon.

Bottas? Another 6. Beat his teammate in qualifying but faced race day woes. Chaos at turn one and a painfully long pit stop.

Sargeant? A 6 for him. A rocky start to his second F1 season. Qualifying woes followed by race day troubles, including a brake system glitch. Quite the rollercoaster.

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