Verstappen Discusses Hamilton’s Potential Impact at Red Bull

Max Verstappen dismissed rumors of Lewis Hamilton potentially joining Red Bull Racing, stating he has no interest in the matter and believes a competition among multiple teams is more exciting than a fight between two teammates.


‣ Lewis Hamilton’s potential interest in joining Red Bull Racing to race alongside Max Verstappen was a topic of conversation in Abu Dhabi, which Hamilton denied.
‣ Max Verstappen stated he is not interested in having Hamilton on his team and believes such a scenario will never happen.
‣ Verstappen expressed his preference to compete against multiple teams rather than proving who is better between him and Hamilton in one team.
‣ Verstappen believes that a fight between multiple teams, with all the good drivers in a different car, is much more interesting than a fight between two teammates.

Suddenly, the Abu Dhabi air was buzzing with a new topic. The rumor mill was churning out stories about Lewis Hamilton’s potential interest in joining Red Bull Racing. He’d be racing alongside Max Verstappen, they said.

But hold on a minute. The Briton himself denied these rumors. The seven-time champion pointed fingers at Christian Horner, who had approached him for an interview. What’s the real truth? Well, nobody knows for sure.

Max Verstappen, however, seemed unfazed by all the chatter. He shrugged it off in a conversation with Dutch media, including GPblog. “What’s Verstappen’s take on this?” they asked. The Dutchman’s response was firm and unambiguous. “I’m not interested. Didn’t know a thing when they asked me about it. It’s never going to happen. That scenario doesn’t exist.”

The three-time champion was then asked about Hamilton’s claim that Verstappen didn’t want him on the team. The Dutchman shrugged again. “That kind of thing [Hamilton and him in one team] doesn’t exist.”

Hamilton has been quoted saying, “100% I want to drive against Verstappen in an equal car.”

Earlier in the day, Franz Tost, the outgoing team boss of AlphaTauri, had his say. According to him, it doesn’t matter who Verstappen’s teammate is. He’d beat them all. Verstappen’s response to this was simple. “I believe in myself,” he said. “Otherwise, you might as well quit.”

Still, the idea of Hamilton and Verstappen on the same team is tantalizing for neutral fans. It would be a chance to see who’s truly the better driver. But Verstappen doesn’t see it that way. “What do I have to prove then? I don’t have to prove anything. Then there will always be excuses, like: ‘He’s too old’. It’s never right. There is always something else to talk about. A fight between two teammates is nice, but much nicer is a fight between multiple teams, with all the good drivers in a different car.”

Perez has also chimed in, stating, “Relationship with Verstappen has improved this season.”

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