Verstappen Dominates Bahrain GP, Exceeds Expectations

Max Verstappen dominated the Bahrain Grand Prix, winning by over 20 seconds ahead of his teammate, and described the race as going “better than expected” and enjoying a perfect day with a car that performed excellently on all compounds.


‣ Max Verstappen dominated the Bahrain Grand Prix, leading from start to finish and winning by over 20 seconds ahead of his teammate.

‣ Verstappen expressed that the race went better than expected, highlighting the car’s performance across different tire compounds and his enjoyment driving it.

‣ Despite the strong start to the season, Verstappen remains cautious about his expectations for the upcoming Saudi Arabia GP, emphasizing the length of the season and the importance of rest.

Hope was in the air during the free practice and qualifying rounds. Yet, at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Max Verstappen didn’t just participate; he dominated. Not once did he let go of the lead. After the race, he shared a surprising confession: it “went better than expected.”

### Verstappen: ‘Went better than expected’
Verstappen’s victory at the Bahrain International Circuit wasn’t just a win. It was a statement. He crossed the finish line a whopping 20 seconds ahead of his Red Bull Racing teammate, Sergio Perez. From the get-go, he was in a league of his own. “Unbelievable,” he remarked. The day, according to him, surpassed even his own optimistic forecasts. Chatting with David Coulthard, he couldn’t hide his enthusiasm. “The car… it was like a dream on every compound.”

The Dutchman was all smiles, reflecting on the race’s pace and the sheer joy of driving that day. “Staying out of trouble was key,” he noted, celebrating the perfect start to the year. “It was a blast,” he continued, “feeling in sync with the car is rare. Days like these are special.”

But what about the upcoming Saudi Arabia GP? Verstappen played his cards close to his chest. “It’s a long season,” he mused, hinting at the excitement yet to come. “A couple days rest, and then we dive back in,” said the three-time world champion, already eyeing the next challenge.

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