Verstappen Excited for RB20: Assessing Potential Performance

Red Bull Racing unveiled their RB20 car for the 2024 F1 season, with drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez expressing optimism and eagerness to test the car further in Bahrain, anticipating a successful season ahead.


– ‣ Red Bull Racing unveiled their car for the 2024 F1 season, the RB20, in Milton Keynes, following leaks from its shakedown at Silverstone.
– ‣ Max Verstappen expressed excitement about the new car and emphasized the importance of testing in Bahrain to understand and adapt to the car’s needs for the upcoming season.
– ‣ Sergio Perez showed optimism for the season, praising the team’s effort in developing the RB20 and looking forward to testing in Bahrain to gauge the team’s position.

Thursday was a big day for Red Bull Racing. They unveiled their 2024 F1 car, the RB20, in Milton Keynes. This came after some sneaky leaks had already given us a glimpse during a shakedown at Silverstone.

Max Verstappen, the team’s star, had already taken the RB20 for a spin. His excitement was palpable during the launch. “Time will tell but, I’m excited,” he confessed. Seeing a new car come to life, surrounded by the team, clearly thrilled him.

Verstappen’s focus is now on Bahrain. “Get testing, get comfortable,” he says. For him, it’s all about understanding the car’s needs and working up from there. With a long season ahead, the goal is to start strong. “Really try to understand the car, and then we’ll see where we end up,” he added, doubling down on his initial thoughts.

Perez expects a great year for Red Bull

Sergio Perez, Verstappen’s teammate, shared the enthusiasm. He was impressed by the RB20. “I’m just really happy to see that the whole team has put together an incredible concept,” he remarked. Perez is eager for the Bahrain testing to see where the team stands. He’s optimistic, believing the team has made significant strides. “It should be another great season for the team,” Perez concluded, hopeful for the future.

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