Verstappen Exhibits Calm Driving Amidst Desperation in Japan

Max Verstappen described his win in Japan as one of his finest victories of 2023, where he clinched the constructors’ title for Red Bull, despite minor disappointment for not achieving his predicted 20-second lead.


‣ Max Verstappen considered his victory in Japan as one of his finest in 2023, where he won the constructors’ title for Red Bull by nearly 20 seconds.
‣ Verstappen dismissed the idea that a new rule in Singapore, banning flexible front wings, affected his performance, stating that Red Bull didn’t use them.
‣ Despite his victory in Japan, Verstappen expressed minor disappointment as he had predicted a 20-second lead, but the actual lead was 19.3 seconds.
‣ Verstappen communicated his intention to win in Japan to his engineer and Christian, stating they were going to “finish everyone”.

Max Verstappen, the man himself, labeled Japan as one of his crowning victories in 2023. And who could argue? He snagged the constructors’ title for Red Bull in Japan, leaving his competitors in the dust by nearly 20 seconds. That’s a fact that still irks the Dutchman.

“I was itching for that win,” Verstappen confessed in a year-end chat with Viaplay. He went on, “In Singapore, they introduced a new rule. No more flexible front wings. But we didn’t have that. All season, I noticed other teams using it. Not us, though.” The audience was quick to doubt, “Singapore was a disaster for us. People blamed it on the front wing. Just you wait. Japan will prove them wrong.” He even told his engineer and Christian, “We’re going to wipe the floor with everyone in Japan.”

But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Verstappen. Despite it being one of his best races, there was a hint of disappointment. “I said before lap 1, full throttle,” Verstappen shared. He added, “I told the media in Singapore, ‘We’re going to win with a 20-second lead.’ It ended up being 19.3. I was gutted after the race. I took the second stint easy, not pushing the limit. But it ended up being 19.3 seconds. That really got to me.”

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