Verstappen Highlights Key for Red Bull Success: Team Harmony

Max Verstappen won the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix and praised Ferrari debutant Oliver Bearman’s performance, emphasizing the need for peace within the Red Bull team to maintain their success.


‣ Max Verstappen achieved a dominant victory at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, overshadowing Ferrari debutant Oliver Bearman’s performance.

‣ Verstappen praised Bearman’s impressive debut, noting it as an excellent result, especially considering the challenges of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit and Bearman’s inexperience with the car.

‣ Verstappen emphasized the need for calm and peace within the Red Bull Racing team to maintain their performance and focus in the coming weeks.

Max Verstappen clinched a commanding victory at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix. It was a race where he, surprisingly, wasn’t the center of attention. Instead, all eyes were on Ferrari’s newcomer, Oliver Bearman. Verstappen took a moment to praise the young Brit’s stellar debut. Meanwhile, he hinted at what Red Bull must focus on in the weeks ahead. The goal? To maintain harmony within the squad.

“Absolutely, that’s fantastic,” Verstappen beamed, reflecting on Bearman’s performance. He had set a benchmark for the rookie. “If he lands just outside the top six, say seventh, that’s nothing short of remarkable. A truly splendid outcome for him.” Bearman’s debut was under the intense spotlight of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit. A daunting challenge for any racer, let alone an 18-year-old stepping into the big league for the first time. “You’re getting to grips with the car, diving into your first race. It’s a steep learning curve, but he nailed it,” Verstappen added, admiration clear in his voice.

Verstappen: ‘We need peace’

The conversation shifted towards the atmosphere within Red Bull. Verstappen was asked about potential discussions within the team. “Not really,” he said, shaking his head. According to him, the key players in the team were present at the race. “I believe everyone understands their role. What we need now is a bit of tranquility,” he concluded, stressing the importance of a calm and focused team environment.

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