Verstappen Identifies Top Challenger in Jeddah Race

Max Verstappen, starting first in the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix and aiming for his 56th career victory, is confident in his and Red Bull Racing’s pace, acknowledges the unpredictability of Formula 1, and sees Ferrari as their closest competitor.


‣ Max Verstappen will start the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix in first place, aiming for his 56th Grand Prix victory, acknowledging the unpredictability of Formula 1.

‣ Verstappen expresses confidence in his car’s race pace and the importance of making the right decisions during the race, especially considering the challenges of a street circuit like Jeddah.

‣ According to Verstappen, Ferrari is the team closest to challenging Red Bull Racing, with all teams experimenting with different strategies.

‣ Reflecting on Friday’s qualifying, Verstappen feels positive about the improvements made to his car and his comfort level driving it, which is crucial for a good performance in the race.

Max Verstappen’s gearing up to take pole position at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix. The Dutch sensation? He’s eyeing his 56th win. But, as he’ll tell you, Formula 1’s a beast with no guarantees.

Before the race kicks off, there’s this tradition. Drivers lap the track, waving to fans, soaking in those last pre-race vibes. They share their final thoughts, too. Verstappen? He’s feeling pretty good about Jeddah. “As long as nothing wild happens,” he says. It’s all about the car’s pace, which is usually their ace. “But,” he adds, “this track’s tricky, full of surprises. Safety cars, tight corners… gotta stay sharp.”

Oh, and about Ferrari. When nudged about who’s breathing down Red Bull’s neck, Verstappen hints, “It’s a tight pack. But Ferrari? They might just have an edge.” He’s keeping his cards close, though. “We’ll see,” he says, all mysterious-like.

Rewinding to Friday’s qualifiers, Verstappen’s riding a high. “It was a solid day. We tweaked the car, and it paid off. Felt good behind the wheel, which is key here.” He’s hoping that mojo carries into race day.

So, there you have it. Verstappen’s locked in, ready to battle it out in Jeddah. With Ferrari lurking and the track full of twists, it’s anyone’s game. But one thing’s for sure: it’s going to be one heck of a race.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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