Verstappen Increases Rivals’ Concerns, Feels More Comfortable

Max Verstappen secured his first pole position in Jeddah, outpacing Charles Leclerc by 0.319 seconds, and expressed increased comfort and confidence in his car’s balance and setup for the race.


‣ Max Verstappen secured pole position in Saudi Arabia, outpacing Charles Leclerc by 0.319 seconds.

‣ Verstappen expressed increased comfort with his car’s balance, allowing him to push harder during qualifying.

‣ This marks Verstappen’s first pole position in Jeddah, overcoming previous challenges at the track.

‣ Despite leading, Verstappen acknowledges room for improvement but remains optimistic about his race pace and the car’s setup for the upcoming race.

Max Verstappen really shook things up on Friday, didn’t he? Zoomed his car right into pole position, leaving everyone else in the dust. The guy was a whole 0.319 seconds quicker than Charles Leclerc, who snagged the second spot. And after all that, Verstappen had a few things to say about how it felt behind the wheel.

“I felt a bit more comfy in the car,” he mentioned. It’s like everything just clicked a bit better, and he could push the limits a tad more. Qualifying went smoothly for him – no big hiccups. He was pretty stoked about being in tune with the track’s changes. So, yeah, he was all smiles about that.

### Verstappen on pole for the first time in Jeddah

Now, Verstappen’s had his eye on that Jeddah pole position for a while. Came close in 2021, with a lap that nearly blew everyone’s minds. But then, bam, a mishap at turn 27. Lewis Hamilton swooped in and took pole, leaving Verstappen to start third. Talk about a plot twist.

But hey, this season? He nailed it. Landed that pole position with room to spare. When quizzed about any potential weak spots on the Jeddah track, Verstappen played it cool. “I always find bits and pieces in corners where I think, ‘Hmm, maybe here…’ But it’s all about the big picture, right? Finding that sweet spot for speed.” He admitted yesterday’s setup wasn’t perfect, but today? Much better. He’s pumped for the race, expecting solid pace and less wear on the tires compared to Bahrain. “Let’s see how it all pans out, but I’m feeling good about our setup,” he added, with a hint of anticipation for the challenge ahead.

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