Verstappen Insists on Staying at Red Bull Only if Marko Remains

Max Verstappen has made it clear that he will consider leaving Red Bull if Helmut Marko, a key figure in the team, is suspended or leaves, emphasizing the importance of Marko’s role in his future with the team.


‣ Max Verstappen has expressed a strong stance regarding his future with Red Bull, indicating he might leave if Helmut Marko is suspended or leaves the team.

‣ Helmut Marko, a key adviser for Red Bull, fears he may be suspended or considers leaving the team, which has caused concern about Verstappen’s continued participation with the team.

‣ Verstappen emphasizes the importance of maintaining the current team structure and roles, especially after the death of Dietrich Mateschitz, and sees Marko’s presence as crucial to his own role in the team.

‣ Verstappen has communicated to Red Bull’s Thai arm that his future with the team is closely tied to Marko’s presence, suggesting he may look for options elsewhere if Marko is forced out.

Helmut Marko’s potential suspension by Red Bull? Yeah, it’s the talk of the town. Max Verstappen, he’s not having any of it. He made it crystal clear to the Dutch press: no Marko, no Max.

Now, here’s the scoop. Marko, the guy behind the scenes at Red Bull, he’s kinda on thin ice. Not officially, but he’s got this hunch, you know? He’s been hinting he might be out of the game soon. Even said he might walk away on his own. Drama, right?

And Verstappen? He was all fired up at a press conference. But then, he doubled down with the Dutch media. He’s like, “Marko’s gotta stay. Period.” After Dietrich Mateschitz passed away, everyone at Red Bull had their roles, their tasks. Verstappen’s stance? It’s gotta stay that way, as long as Marko’s around.

Why’s Verstappen so set on sticking with Marko? Well, he’s been loud and clear about it. Says he can’t imagine being at Red Bull without him. It’s like, if Marko’s out, Verstappen’s out. He’s even made sure the big shots over at Red Bull’s Thai branch got the memo.

So, what’s the bottom line? If Marko’s shown the door, don’t be surprised if Verstappen starts looking for an exit too. It’s all or nothing for him.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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