Verstappen Likely to Switch to Mercedes, High Probability Indicated

Ralf Schumacher criticizes Christian Horner’s leadership at Red Bull Racing, suggesting his departure could restore calm, and speculates on Max Verstappen‘s potential move to Mercedes amid internal team conflicts and performance considerations.


‣ Ralf Schumacher criticizes Christian Horner for inappropriate behaviour and suggests he should step down as Red Bull Racing team boss for the team’s peace.

‣ Schumacher highlights a power struggle within Red Bull Racing, indicating a division between the Austrian and Thai stakeholders, potentially leading to key figures like Verstappen considering leaving.

‣ Schumacher sees Mercedes as a logical next step for Max Verstappen if he leaves Red Bull, citing the team’s fit with Verstappen’s honesty and the potential for a beneficial partnership with Toto Wolff.

‣ Despite considering a switch to Mercedes, Schumacher warns that immediate victories might not be feasible due to the team’s current performance gap, though he believes Verstappen’s addition would make the competition more exciting.

Ralf Schumacher hasn’t been holding back. For weeks, he’s been throwing shade at Christian Horner. Why? Well, Horner’s caught up in some drama over how he treated a female team member. Schumacher’s take? Horner should pack up and leave his gig as the head honcho at Red Bull Racing. He spilled the tea to Sport1, insisting that there’s no way peace will settle over Red Bull with Horner steering the ship.

Now, onto the juicy bits. The whole Horner saga? It’s ripped the lid off a brewing storm at Red Bull Racing. Picture this: Horner, with the Thai bigwig from Red Bull GmbH in his corner, is duking it out against the Austrians. Yeah, it’s messy. And get this – Helmut Marko and team Verstappen might just walk if Horner sticks around. Drama, right?

Schumacher on possible Verstappen switch

So, where does this leave Verstappen, the triple-world champ? Schumacher’s got thoughts. He reckons Mercedes could be Verstappen’s next pit stop. “The chance is great,” he says. Why? Because, where else? Ferrari’s packed. Audi? Please, they’re miles from being in the race. So, Mercedes it is. Schumacher thinks Verstappen’s straight-shooting style would mesh well with Toto Wolff’s vibe. A match made in racing heaven, perhaps?

But, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Schumacher’s got a reality check for Verstappen. Dreaming of wins with Mercedes? Might wanna hit pause on that. “Mercedes is too far away from it at the moment,” he points out. Even if Verstappen can outpace the others by 0.3 seconds, it’s not gonna cut it for victories right now. But hey, it’d sure spice things up, wouldn’t it?

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