Verstappen Never Sets Season-Start Goals, Reveals Strategy

Max Verstappen is focused and not preoccupied with final results ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix, feeling confident and motivated alongside his team, without setting specific goals but aiming to compete for the title.


‣ Max Verstappen is focused on the performance in Bahrain, not preoccupied with final results yet.

‣ Verstappen emphasizes a relaxed approach to racing, prioritizing car speed and performance over worrying about outcomes.

‣ The 26-year-old driver and his team are highly motivated and satisfied with their winter preparations, though aware that their competitiveness relative to other teams remains to be seen.

‣ Verstappen sets no specific goals before the season starts, aiming broadly to compete for the title, regardless of the number of wins needed to achieve it.

Bahrain’s test days are buzzing. Max Verstappen’s at the helm of his RB20, pushing limits. With the Bahrain Grand Prix looming, speculation’s rife. Yet, Verstappen’s cool as a cucumber, not sweating the final outcomes just yet.

He chats with Viaplay, shrugging off the pressure. “Normally?” He chuckles. Formula 1’s a beast of its own, unpredictable. “I’m just here to race,” he says. If the car’s got the juice, great. If it’s the quickest out there? Even better. That’s the win.

**Verstappen is in top form**

The 26-year-old’s confidence is infectious. Fans, take a breath. He’s been asked about the team’s readiness. “Yes, absolutely!” he beams. The winter prep? Solid. But, as always, it’s a waiting game. How will they stack up against the competition?

Verstappen’s his own toughest critic, though. Goals? He doesn’t box himself in with those. “The main thing?” he muses. “Chasing that title.” Winning every race isn’t the point. It’s about snagging enough victories to clinch the championship.

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