Verstappen Out, Perez Takes Extended Afternoon Session

Sergio Perez will drive an extended afternoon session on the second test day in Bahrain due to a shortened morning session, leading to Max Verstappen‘s schedule being shifted to Friday, with specific session details for both drivers yet to be determined.


‣ Sergio Perez will drive the extended afternoon session on the second test day in Bahrain due to a shortened morning session, replacing Max Verstappen’s scheduled time.

‣ Max Verstappen will not drive on Thursday as initially planned but is set to take on either the morning or afternoon session on Friday.

‣ Perez encountered issues in the morning session, including an overheated brake that briefly caught fire.

‣ The afternoon session was extended by an hour due to disruptions, including a loose manhole cover caused by Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton.

Sergio Perez? Yeah, he’s got a long day ahead. After a bit of a hiccup in the morning, he’s now on for an extended stint in Bahrain’s afternoon heat. Poor Max Verstappen, though. He was all set for today but now? Nope, he’s benched until Friday.

**Perez Takes the Wheel, Verstappen Waits His Turn**

So, here’s the scoop: “Checo’s gonna be burning rubber all Thursday in the RB20,” the team spilled the beans. That morning session? Cut short. So, no Verstappen tearing up the track today. He’s got his eyes on either the morning or afternoon slot tomorrow. But who’s doing what when on Friday? Ah, that’s still up in the air.

Perez’s morning? Not great, to be honest. The guy had his brakes overheating, and yep, they even caught fire for a sec. Then, as if that wasn’t enough drama, Charles Leclerc had a bit of a run-in with a loose manhole cover. And guess who drove over it first? Lewis Hamilton. Classic. Because of all that chaos, they’ve tacked on an extra hour to the afternoon session.

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