Verstappen Pleased with Van Buren: Settings Often Perfect

Rudy van Buren collaborates closely with Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing, using simulator work to fine-tune the car’s setup, a partnership Verstappen values for its contribution to the car’s development.


‣ Rudy van Buren collaborates closely with Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing, focusing on improving the car through extensive simulator work.

‣ During test days, while the team focuses on long runs, off-track efforts are concentrated on simulator work, with van Buren playing a crucial role in setting up the virtual RB20.

‣ Verstappen values van Buren’s contributions, highlighting the importance of having a skilled simulation driver to pre-test adjustments and strategies, which helps in fine-tuning the car’s setup.

‣ Rudy van Buren, a 31-year-old driver with a background as a test driver for McLaren in 2018, is tasked with ensuring the car’s setup in the simulator is optimal for development purposes at Red Bull.

Rudy van Buren, a Dutchman, spends a ton of time in the simulator. He’s there for Red Bull Racing, brainstorming with Max Verstappen on making the car better. They’re always chatting, you know? Verstappen spilled the beans to GPBlog and others about how they gel together.

Now, during the Bahrain test days, it’s all about those long runs for the RB20 and the Red Bull team. But, when they’re not on the track, it’s a whole different ball game. They dive deep into the simulator work. That’s where Rudy van Buren comes in, stepping into the virtual RB20 for Red Bull. Verstappen seems pretty stoked about it. “Rudy and I, we’re in touch a lot. We dissect his trials, ponder over enhancements. Having someone like him, so pivotal in the team, is fantastic,” the champ expressed.

So, what’s Van Buren’s gig? He’s the wizard making sure the simulator car is as close to perfect as possible before Verstappen even jumps in. “You see, Rudy and a few other sim drivers, they tinker with everything. From tiny tweaks to wild changes, they test it all,” Verstappen noted. He’s quite impressed with Van Buren’s dedication. “By the time I get to the simulator, it’s nearly spot-on. Just needs a bit of fine-tuning. Rudy even did a full race distance recently, experimenting with the front wing and stuff.”

Who is Rudy van Buren?

Let’s talk Rudy van Buren. This guy’s 31 and has a crucial role at Red Bull. He ensures the car’s setup in the simulator is top-notch, aiding the car’s development. Back in 2018, he was a test driver for McLaren’s team.

Crazy, right? From tweaking the tiniest settings to running full race simulations, the work these guys do is nothing short of amazing. And it’s all happening behind the scenes, in the virtual world of simulators.

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