Verstappen Possibly Has More Courage, Character, & a Superior Car

Former Ferrari driver Rene Arnoux believes Charles Leclerc is among the best drivers in Formula 1 and is curious to see how he would perform against Max Verstappen in an equivalent car, while also suggesting Leclerc’s performance has been hampered by his current vehicle and bad luck.


‣ Rene Arnoux, former Ferrari driver, has a high opinion of Charles Leclerc and is interested to see how he would perform against Max Verstappen if they had equivalent cars.
‣ Arnoux believes that Leclerc’s performance this season has been affected by bad luck and car issues, particularly with tyre wear.
‣ Leclerc is rumored to be extending his contract with Ferrari through 2029, which would come with a significant salary increase.
‣ Arnoux suggests that Leclerc needs a car that can compete with Verstappen’s for the world championship, and praises Verstappen’s driving and his car’s performance.

Rene Arnoux, the ex-Ferrari driver, holds Charles Leclerc in high regard. Arnoux, who bagged seven wins in his Formula 1 career, is eager to see how Leclerc, aged 26, would stack up against three-time world champ, Max Verstappen. That is, if they both had cars of equal caliber.

Arnoux reckons Leclerc’s had a rough season. He’s had his share of bad luck, which Arnoux believes is why Sainz is only six points behind in the World Cup. But, on the track, over 22 weekends, Arnoux thinks the gap was wider. He says, “Leclerc’s been consistent, more so than Carlos. He’s in the top tier, like Verstappen. Max might have more grit, but remember, his car makes things easier. The Ferrari, on the other hand, chews through tyres. After five laps, Verstappen’s grinning.”

Next up, contract talk. Leclerc’s heading into his sixth season with Ferrari. He hasn’t yet vied for the world title, but he’s not lost faith in the Italian team. Rumor has it, he’s about to sign on the dotted line, extending his contract till 2029. And, it comes with a hefty pay rise.

Arnoux, speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, says, “Charles isn’t just waiting for a contract. He wants a car that’ll last the distance, from start to finish of a Grand Prix. Something he didn’t have this year. He’s hoping for a car that can give Verstappen a run for his money in the world championship.”

Arnoux, now 75, thinks Leclerc deserves a car like Verstappen’s. He says, “Verstappen’s a top-notch driver with the best car in years. Watch his onboard footage, and you’ll see how good he is. The Red Bull car lets him shine. His cornering… the others struggle more and need more corrections,” he wraps up.

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