Verstappen Praises RB20: Proof of Team’s Expertise

Max Verstappen expressed confidence in the RB20’s performance and the Red Bull Racing team’s decisions, noting the car felt good on the track and praised the team’s ability to create a well-balanced car, despite its similarities to the previous season’s less successful Mercedes.


‣ Max Verstappen expressed confidence in the RB20 after testing it at the Bahrain circuit, noting that the car immediately felt good on the track and that the test plan went smoothly with very few problems.

‣ Verstappen revealed he had seen the first designs of the RB20 late last year in Abu Dhabi and trusted his team to build a competitive car without needing to inquire further about its development.

‣ The RB20’s performance during testing gave Verstappen confidence, highlighting the team’s ability to accurately simulate and develop a car’s balance and setup before it has even been on a track.

‣ Despite the RB20 bearing similarities to the previous season’s Mercedes, which was not very successful, Verstappen trusts his team’s judgment, indicating a belief that their design choices will prove to be advantageous.

Max Verstappen barely had time to catch his breath at the Bahrain circuit when the news hit. Sergio Perez was joining the second part of Thursday’s test. So, there’s Max, probably sipping on something cool, chatting with the Dutch media. The engines roared in the background, a sweet symphony for any racer.

The vibe was different just a day before. Helmut Marko, you know, the big boss at Red Bull Racing, was all smiles about their new beast, the RB20. Verstappen, catching the good mood bug, shared his two cents. “We had this filming day, right? All rain and no play. But here, the RB20 just felt… right.” He mentioned this to GPblog and others, before Perez’s hiccup with the car. “We breezed through the test plan. Smooth sailing, really.”

Late last year, Verstappen got a sneak peek of the RB20’s first sketches. “Saw them in Abu Dhabi. Didn’t really poke around much about it.” He shrugged it off like it was no big deal. “Saw the drawings by chance. Didn’t bug anyone after that. I’m like, ‘You guys do your thing. I trust you.’ I’ll see it when it’s real.”

Verstappen praises Red Bull Racing

Wednesday was a good day for the RB20, and Verstappen was feeling it. “Shows the team’s got brains, doesn’t it? We’re in the sim, tweaking, testing. It’s kinda genius, figuring out the right setup for a car that’s never kissed asphalt before.” He paused, pondering. “Balance-wise, it’s spot on. Speed? Who knows how it stacks against the others. But a good balance is half the battle.”

Then there’s the chatter about the RB20 looking a bit too much like last year’s Mercedes. Not exactly the compliment of the year, considering how that went down. But Verstappen wasn’t losing sleep over it. “Yeah, I heard. But I trust my team. They’re convinced this is the ace in the pack. And I’m all in with them.”

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