Verstappen Recalls Winning First Title Here

The last Grand Prix of the season is set to take place, with Red Bull already securing the titles, and if Max Verstappen or Sergio Perez win, Red Bull will have the highest-ever victory rate, surpassing McLaren’s 1988 record.


‣ The last Grand Prix of the season is coming up, with Red Bull already having secured the titles.
‣ Red Bull has dominated the season, winning 20 of the 21 races. If they win the last race, they will have the highest-ever victory rate, surpassing McLaren’s 1988 record of 93.75%.
‣ Max Verstappen, who won his first Drivers’ Championship this season, is looking forward to ending the season on a high note.
‣ Sergio Perez, who secured second place in the Championship, also wants to end the season well and is looking forward to the race weekend in Abu Dhabi.

Well, folks, it’s that time again. We’re gearing up for the last Grand Prix of the season. Red Bull’s already got the titles in the bag, so the usual thrill of the chase isn’t quite there. But don’t think for a second that Max Verstappen isn’t keen on ending the season with a bang.

Red Bull’s been the star of the show this season. They’ve nabbed the top spot in 20 out of 21 races. That’s some serious domination from the Austrian team. This weekend, they could make history. If Verstappen or Sergio Perez come out on top, Red Bull will have the highest-ever victory rate. That’s a record that’s been held by McLaren since 1988. They had a 93.75% victory rate. But Red Bull could push that to a whopping 95.5%.

In other news, Ocon’s missing the press day ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Illness, apparently.

Verstappen’s feeling pretty chuffed about the upcoming race. He says, “Abu Dhabi always brings back good memories for me and the Team, winning my first Drivers’ Championship here is a memory that we’ll never forget.” He’s looking forward to a break, some free time, and ending the season on a high note.

Sergio Perez is also raring to go. He admits it’s been a tough season, with its fair share of highs and lows. But he’s pretty stoked about securing second place in the Championship. He’s got his sights set on ending the season on a high note. He says, “We had great pace in Vegas and I’ve had two brilliant weeks of racing, Brazil and then last weekend were so fun. I want to get the most out of the car once again and if we get it right we should have a successful Saturday and Sunday.”

Meanwhile, the Ferrari chairman is hoping the 2021 championship situation doesn’t repeat itself. And Horner’s been talking about a Hamilton switch. He said they’d had contact this year. But that’s a story for another time.

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