Verstappen Reflects on 50th Win: Comparing to Hamilton

Despite facing various challenges, Max Verstappen remained confident in his ability to win the United States Grand Prix, marking his 50th Formula 1 victory and putting him among the elite company of Schumacher, Hamilton, Vettel, and Prost, although he still has a long way to go to catch up to Hamilton’s record of 103 wins.


‣ Max Verstappen remained confident of winning despite problems at the United States Grand Prix
‣ Verstappen’s 50th F1 victory makes him part of an illustrious group of drivers
‣ Verstappen wants to win more races, aiming to catch up with Lewis Hamilton
‣ Verstappen battled with Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton while struggling with the brakes

Max Verstappen emerged victorious at the United States Grand Prix, despite encountering numerous problems throughout the race weekend. Verstappen, who secured his 50th Formula 1 victory at the event, displayed both skill and humility as he competed against Lewis Hamilton.

Despite facing setbacks, such as having his fastest lap taken away due to track limits on Friday and starting from P6 on Sunday, Verstappen remained unfazed. He also had to contend with brake issues during the race. However, Verstappen revealed that once he took the lead, he did not feel he would lose the win. He attributed his success to the gap he had created and the diminishing number of laps left.

Verstappen thoroughly enjoyed the battle with his competitors, including Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton. He acknowledged that the pace was much closer during this race, making it more exciting for both the drivers and spectators. However, Verstappen admitted to struggling with his brakes, which affected his confidence.

Securing his 50th victory in Formula 1, Verstappen’s achievement places him among the elite group of Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, and Alain Prost. Prost, who won 51 races, is within Verstappen’s reach. Reflecting on his milestone, Verstappen expressed his happiness and pride, while acknowledging that he still has a long way to go to catch up to Hamilton, who holds the record for the most Grand Prix victories with 103.

In conclusion, Verstappen’s perseverance and skill allowed him to overcome the challenges at the United States Grand Prix and secure his 50th Formula 1 victory. With his eyes set on more wins, Verstappen aims to etch his name further in the history of the sport.

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