Verstappen Rejects Following Hamilton’s Career Path

Lewis Hamilton‘s move to Ferrari from Mercedes in 2025 has been a major talking point, with Max Verstappen understanding Hamilton’s decision despite not seeing himself making a similar move, and the impact of this switch on future competitions remains uncertain.


‣ Lewis Hamilton is set to drive for Ferrari starting from 2025, leaving Mercedes after seeking his eighth World Championship title.

‣ Max Verstappen understands Hamilton’s decision to move to Ferrari, acknowledging the allure of driving for such a prestigious team, especially if it’s someone’s dream.

‣ Verstappen personally would not follow in Hamilton’s footsteps to Ferrari, even with seven titles under his belt, indicating a different perspective on career moves within Formula 1.

Pierre Gasly had early knowledge of Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari due to his close friendship with Charles Leclerc, highlighting the interconnected relationships within the F1 paddock.

Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari? Yeah, it’s been the buzz of the F1 world lately. Come 2025, this Stevenage-born Brit will be donning the iconic red of the Italian Scuderia. He’s chasing an eighth world title, after bagging seven with Mercedes. And guess what? Max Verstappen, he gets it.

### Verstappen on Hamilton move
During the big reveal of Red Bull Racing’s RB20, their beast for the next F1 season, Verstappen shared his two cents. “You know, we’re not privy to the nitty-gritty of his talks with Mercedes or Ferrari,” he mused. It’s tricky to form a solid opinion without all the facts, he implied. But, understanding Hamilton’s dream of racing for Ferrari? That, he gets. “If it’s your dream, why not chase it?” Verstappen added, chatting with GPblog and the gang. However, he was quick to add that he wouldn’t necessarily make the same leap, even with seven titles under his belt.

### Verstappen would not follow Hamilton
“Not for me,” he clarified. Interestingly, Pierre Gasly had an inkling about Hamilton’s switch way before it became public knowledge. Why? “Pierre’s tight with Charles,” Verstappen revealed, shedding light on the connection. As for whether Hamilton will give Verstappen a run for his money this season and the next? Well, that’s anyone’s guess.

So, there you have it. Hamilton’s gearing up for a new chapter with Ferrari, leaving the F1 world abuzz. Verstappen, while understanding, wouldn’t follow suit. And as for the future battles on the track? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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