Verstappen Reveals Details on Red Bull RB20 Before Launch

Max Verstappen reveals during his livestream that Red Bull Racing’s RB20 will look exactly the same as the RB19 amidst a month full of car presentations for the 2024 season.


‣ February is a busy month for car presentations in the racing world, with several teams, including Haas, Williams, Kick, and Alpine, unveiling their cars for the 2024 season.

‣ Max Verstappen, a driver for Red Bull Racing, has taken a unique approach by revealing details about the RB20, Red Bull Racing’s car for the season, ahead of its official presentation.

‣ During a livestream, Verstappen disclosed that the RB20 will look exactly the same as its predecessor, the RB19, although it’s unclear if he was referring to both the livery and the car’s design.

Right now? It’s chaos. We’re smack dab in the heart of a whirlwind of car reveals. And oh, the secrecy! Most drivers are like vaults, keeping the wraps on their new speed machines. But not Max Verstappen. Nope. He’s out there, on his own livestream, spilling the beans about what Red Bull Racing’s RB20 will flaunt.

February. It’s not just about love and chocolates anymore. It’s car reveal season, baby. Haas kicked things off, followed by Williams, Kick, and Alpine. They’ve all strutted their stuff for the 2024 season. And now, it’s almost time for the grand finale. This Thursday, Visa Cash App and Red Bull are up. Though they’re batting last in the lineup, Verstappen couldn’t hold back. On the 15th, he decided to ease our minds a bit.

Verstappen lets it slip

During his livestream, he dropped a bombshell. The RB20? It’s a mirror image of the RB19. Now, whether he’s talking about the paint job or the whole shebang, he left us guessing.

Max leaks the RB20.

And there you have it. In a world full of secrets and anticipation, Verstappen plays by his own rules. Just like that, he’s changed the game.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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