Verstappen Reveals What He’ll Miss Most After Retirement

Max Verstappen, who has a contract with Red Bull Racing until 2028, has expressed a desire to retire from Formula 1 possibly after that season, showing interest in other racing classes like the World Endurance Championship, but acknowledges he would miss the high level of professionalism and technical innovation found in F1.


‣ Max Verstappen has expressed a desire to retire from Formula 1 sooner rather than later, with an interest in racing in other classes, particularly highlighting the World Endurance Championship and Le Mans.

‣ Verstappen has a contract with Red Bull Racing until 2028, but it’s uncertain if he will continue racing in F1 beyond that point, indicating a potential retirement at the age of 31.

‣ One aspect Verstappen would miss about F1 is the high level of professionalism and the ability to work with top technical teams to immediately address and solve problems with innovative solutions.

‣ Despite considering other racing classes, Verstappen acknowledges the unique status of F1 as the pinnacle of motorsport, highlighted by his experience with Red Bull Racing and their competitive edge with the RB20 in early 2024.

Max Verstappen’s got this thing. He’s not planning to stick around in F1 forever. Yep, the Dutch speedster’s eyeing other racing adventures too. But, oh, the things he’d miss about Formula 1.

Now, Verstappen’s tied up with Red Bull Racing till 2028. He’ll be 31 then. And after that? Well, it’s kinda up in the air. Max himself hints he might just call it quits. F1’s not his be-all and end-all.

### What Verstappen would miss about F1

So, Verstappen’s peeking at the World Endurance Championship. Le Mans? That’s big on his list. But for the moment, he’s all in with F1. Yet, he knows the day will come when he’ll take on those endurance races.

“What I’d really miss,” Verstappen spilled to Hungarian M4sport, “is the sheer professionalism. The top-notch crew I work with. It’s another level here in F1.” He’s talking about how things get done. Fast. Need a tweak? Boom. Done. The tech wizards whip up some wild fixes.

But here’s the kicker: Verstappen could race elsewhere, sure. Yet, F1’s the pinnacle for a reason. He’s with the crème de la crème at Red Bull. And they proved it again in early 2024 with the RB20. Looks like they’ve outfoxed the rivals. But, the real test? That’s the Bahrain GP. Let’s see what happens there.

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