Verstappen surprised by duel with Norris: Came very close very quickly

Max Verstappen was put under pressure by Lando Norris in the Brazilian GP but managed to retain the lead and maintain the gap from his rival to secure the victory.


‣ Max Verstappen enjoyed the duel with Lando Norris
‣ It looked like only Norris would be able to stay somewhat close to Max Verstappen
‣ Verstappen under pressure from Norris
‣ For a brief moment, it even looked like Norris could mount an attack on Verstappen

Max Verstappen and Lando Norris gave the fans an epic battle as Verstappen withstood Norris’s constant pressure to win the Sao Paulo GP. Verstappen felt the constant heat from Norris, “I think for most of every stint, Lando was matching my lap-times. It was always like the last five to ten laps when it seemed like then, of course, we had better tyre degradation. At the beginning of every stint, I definitely had to focus a lot and I couldn’t afford to make mistakes. It’s not the easiest to drive. It’s not like you can just relax and let the car just roll into the corners without any consequence,”. After overtaking Verstappen for a brief moment, Norris could not maintain the momentum, allowing Verstappen to lead the race.

For a brief moment, it even looked like Norris could mount an attack on Verstappen. The Brit got close to Verstappen, and towards turn four, the McLaren driver was even next to him for a moment. Verstappen retained the lead under that pressure, “He suddenly closed a lot. I didn’t expect him to have a run into Turn 1. I had to use my battery a bit. And for one lap, into 1, into 4, I had to defend. I had to try and maintain that gap. But I think what also was very important at that stage of the stint was to really look after the tyres,”. Verstappen won the Brazilian Grand Prix but even under the sweet taste of victory, he wish it didn’t exist, opining on the disgraceful behavior of F1 fans at Interlagos.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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