Verstappen Surprised by Speed on Bahrain Day 1 Reaction

Max Verstappen expressed satisfaction after a dominant first day of testing in Bahrain, completing the most laps of any driver and praising the performance and balance of his Red Bull Racing car.


‣ Max Verstappen expressed satisfaction after a dominant first day of testing in Bahrain, highlighting the car’s good balance and the ability to try out many things.

‣ Verstappen completed the most laps of any driver on the first day, with a total of 143 laps at the Bahrain International Circuit.

‣ He topped the timesheet for almost the entire day, indicating a strong performance from both him and the Red Bull Racing team.

‣ Verstappen is scheduled to return to action on Thursday afternoon, after Sergio Perez takes the morning session, and will attend a press conference on Friday while Perez drives all day.

Oh, Max Verstappen. The guy’s all smiles after tearing up the track in Bahrain. He’s feeling pretty good, and why wouldn’t he? His first day testing there was nothing short of dominant.

So, here’s the scoop. Verstappen, that Dutch speedster, was practically flying at the Bahrain International Circuit. He clocked in a whopping 143 laps. Yep, more than anyone else. Talk about setting the pace!

### Verstappen’s Stellar Start in Bahrain

For almost the entire day, Verstappen was the name at the top of the timesheet. The Red Bull Racing ace was soaking it all in. “It’s nice to be back,” he shared on And from the sounds of it, he wasn’t just back; he was in top form. “We had a good day,” he said, not hiding his satisfaction. They pushed the car, tried a bunch of stuff, and, well, Verstappen was buzzing.

He got candid, too. Jumping back into an F1 car? It’s a rush. “The first few laps you are surprised how fast it is compared to everyone else.” And fun? You bet. The car’s response, its balance—it was all clicking. Sure, it’s just a test, but optimism was in the air.

But wait, there’s more. Verstappen’s not done yet. He’s gearing up for another go on Thursday. While his teammate, Sergio Perez, takes the wheel in the morning, Verstappen will be back in action by the afternoon. Friday’s a different story, though. It’s all Perez, while Verstappen takes a breather. But don’t think he’ll be far. He’s slated to make an appearance at the press conference.

In a nutshell, Verstappen’s start in Bahrain? It’s got everyone talking. And from the looks of it, he’s just getting warmed up.

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