Verstappen Sympathizes with Hamilton: Eliminating Sprints to Prevent DSQ

Max Verstappen is critical of the sprint race format in Formula One and believes there is no need to constantly change the rules to make it entertaining, expressing his preference for a stable and competitive product.


‣ Max Verstappen is critical of the sprint race format in Formula One
‣ Verstappen believes that Formula One doesn’t need to constantly change the format to make it entertaining
‣ He thinks that the current format is working fine and calls any new rules or changes “madness”
‣ Verstappen is not satisfied with the sprint race format and suggests getting rid of it and returning to a normal race weekend format

Formula One world champion Max Verstappen has once again expressed his criticism of the sprint race format in a recent interview with Despite his dislike for the format, Verstappen believes that Formula 1 should refrain from making further changes to the sprint format. According to Verstappen, it is unnecessary to constantly alter the rules of the sport in an attempt to make it more entertaining. In his comparison to football, Verstappen highlights that the rules of the game have remained the same for over a century.

Verstappen finds the idea of introducing sprint races with a reverse starting grid or a standalone sprint championship acceptable. However, he believes that the current format is working just fine, and sees the constant changes implemented by Formula 1 as unnecessary “madness”. Verstappen argues that the product will be successful as long as the cars remain competitive and the rules remain consistent over time.

The Dutch driver also expresses his dissatisfaction with the current format of the sprint race. He states that winning a sprint race holds no satisfaction for him personally, as it is simply a prelude to the main race. Verstappen suggests that removing the sprint weekend altogether would eliminate the need for teams to make special adjustments to their cars, as seen in the recent disqualification of Hamilton and Leclerc in the US.

In conclusion, Max Verstappen’s criticism of the sprint race format emphasizes his belief that Formula 1 should focus on maintaining competitive cars and consistency in the rules, rather than constantly searching for new ways to entertain the audience. He argues that the current format is working well and suggests removing the sprint weekend to avoid complications caused by extraordinary setups.

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